Black Court, Medical Division Unit

14th February 1908, 11:36 pm

"Ugh, that damn dream! I hate it!" the pain-filled scream rebounded of off the white walls of the room and echoed making the speaker cringe in even more agony than she was before. Holding her head in her hands, tightly pushing her fingers into the scalp as if she wanted to get inside her own skull and forcefully stop the pain, Mina Blood does not notice where she is, at least not until a harsh, female voice alerts her of another presence.

"Blood! What the fuck happened?!" a stern, young face greets Mina as a scowl fixes itself onto her face. Cer, the Hunter Unit's captain is scolding her and she doesn't look to pleased to be there, but where is there exactly? Mina wonders. Slowly lifting her head, Mina takes notice of the piercing blue eyes alight with anger and the black mid-back length hair that, unlike usual, is full of knots and stray strands. Knowing without a doubt that this is most uncommon for Cer, the Blood traitor scans the woman before her, scrutinizing every inch of her.

The deep blue attire of Cer is made of the usual combat armor, chest plate, shoulder guards and greaves, her helmet was in her hand, while beneath the war outfit Mina could see a glimpse of a sleeveless shirt, gray, and knee length trousers also gray. Cer's fists were white from holding the bed post too tightly. She must be furious at me! The thought is a fleeting one, because it doesn't take long before she discovers why the huntress is so angry.

"What, no answer?! While you were busy snoozing in the hallway, the war had begun. We lost ten warriors out there! TEN, YOU BLOODY HEAR ME!" the British accent was only ever there when the woman lost control of her emotions, that must mean Mina is in danger now. Cer rarely, if ever lost soldiers, but to lose ten in one night... But why am I to blame?

"Listen to me, we have an asset that they don't have. We have their heir, there's no need to worry we-" but she doesn't get to finish the thought for another person enters the hospital room and Mina is rendered silent.

"Mina is right, Cer. We still hold the Withmoore child captive and as for the ten fallen soldiers , we will take revenge for them, I'll make sure of that. Take a breath now and go talk with my cousin, he's requested your presence." a man, in his mid twenties by appearance only, comes inside, a glare is sent his way from both females, but the huntresses pales in comparison to the hatred Mina has got reflected in her eyes. He chuckles showing his fangs, blue eyes sparkling in amusement. Steve Mason, the Black Court King, has never been in the former demon's regards, not since she left the clan a few hundred years ago and then returned to find him at the throne.

Damn that reminds me of that cursed dream from not so long ago. I haven't had it in decades, I though I'd blocked out the memory... Wait a second! It's the device, it did this! She thinks, an understanding fills her, remembering what she was doing before "snoozing" in the hallway as Cer put it. At least now I know it works now...

"MINA!" the yell snaps her out of her reverie and she turns to look at Steve with a glower . "Good, you're paying attention. I have taken into consideration your request and shall make sure a seer is-"

"No need, Blacky has found a device with the same proprieties that I required." she intervenes, not bothering to address BlackHeart by his proper name, she never does anyway. Mason nods and, mussing his hair, he stands and leaves. Mina relaxes before she too leaves after having found her clothes, the hospital gown would not do for a torture session, black hides the blood too well, she loves seeing the crimson smear her torture outfit.

"Let's see my favorite Resident." Mina mutters, a dark sinful smile appearing on her face as she rounds another corner.

Black Court, West Wing , Resident's cell aria

15th February 1908, 1:43 am

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" blood splattered all over the concrete walls as a man writhed trying to escape the ever swaying knives above him. Not far behind a mocking smirk appears on Mina's face as she watches her Resident struggle to survive. Five minutes pass and he still screams and twists to escape, luckily the Blood betrayer has gotten bored by now. With a well aimed throw of her dagger she hits the button and the knives retreat. While he still screams in pain, the sound is slightly muted now, his voice is giving out by now. More blood dirties the concrete floor from the open wounds and Mina, not wanting any to go to waste, take a bottle and gathers it.

"It'll go well with my breakfast later today, don't you think, mutt?" she rhetorically asks. The werewolf strapped on the table sniffles as wave after wave of pain filled healing begin. Thank Nyx for Chromaggia and her creation of the poison to make healing hurt as much as possible for lycanthropes.

"I'll leave you now to heal, but don't fret, I'll be back later to continue our little game." she smiles cruelly and exits the cell. Residents were creatures, humans or otherwise, held prisoners for no other reason than the pleasure of torturing them. Each vampire in the Black Court had at least one Resident, Mina had two, the werewolf she just left and a human boy, barely ten years old. She had great plans for him and that's exactly where she is heading. The young boy was still innocent when it came to he games.

Black Court, West Wing, Holding Cell no. 485

15th February 1908, 12:13 am

"Ugh ..." Elenore ruefully shakes her head, as if trying to expel the memories out and make them stay there, away from her mind. Mina's torture from earlier left her drained of power and reliving their meeting, though she knew Mina's goal was for her to remember something else, something of her childhood... I don't even think I remember my childhood. Most of it was spent refining my witch skills, when I awoken them that is, while the rest I can't recall at all. Mom was always present though, but dad...dad was...where was he?...Where is he even now? Another shaking of her red head and Elenore briefly wonders, amused, if she scrambled her brain with the many times she's shaken her head thus far, but she knows that's impossible.

Azure eyes move to scan the room for any way out had Elenore been unchained. She can find none, yet she knows that had she been free of her bonds, even a weak bombing spell could have got her out of the cell, but she's not free. Closing her eyes to think and formulate an escape plan, Elenore remains aware of only two things: the sounds around her and restoring her power. She knows all to well how weak a witch without her powers is, her mother has engraved this knowledge deep into Elenore's mind ever since she was a little girl.

"I wonder if the war has begun ?" she ponders aloud, whispering. If it has, she thinks, than maybe Mina's attention will be focused elsewhere for a while. A foolish hope she realizes as she remembers that she, herself, is the only asset that vampires have. Arching her back off the wall using the strength of her legs she moves her hands only a fraction to regain circulation, then tries to walk a few steps to check out her head injury. Managing to touch the top of her head with scarce pain, she feels for the wound and, undoubtedly, dried blood surrounding it. A hiss of pain leaves her cracked and dehydrated lips as she reaches the wound, a small, minuscule bump. A sigh of relief escapes as she lets her hands fall and slowly lets herself be held up by only the chains around her wrists and ankles although it hurts

"Ugh..." she repeats, a aching coming from her wrists making her say it. She must have scratched the raw flesh of her hand when she let her legs give out, stupid move from her part she curses herself. CLICK! The noise startles her, but she recovers quickly, recognizing the source to be the cell next to her own. For a split second she almost though Mina had come back for another round as she'd promised. Blowing the hair out of her face and staring down at the, now, worn-out dress she wore, Elenore questions how long she's been in the Black Court. Months for certain,but has her birthday passed already? It is on the 20th of February, her eighteen birthday, a day when her magical powers double...she would have felt it happen, she believes.

"Maybe it hasn't passed yet, maybe I have a change to escape then... if my power will double then I can certainly get out of these chains and blast the door. Perhaps even find the exit and run...if I'm lucky that is..." she bites her bottom lip, an action her mother has always found too common, childish even, and simply degrading, but an action Elenore has always done in times of doubt and panic.

Claire Medea Withmoore nee Wyatt was a proud, loving,strong mother and wife and an even more powerful witch, that's why Elenore's father married her to begin with, but she was also a strict and harsh teacher, the redhead learned that the hard way at thirteen when she performed a not-allowed-at-such-a-young-age spell and received a cold lecture and a difficult punishment, namely she had her witch powers sealed off for a month and had to learn spells just in theory. The longest month of her life she later called it, perhaps she was wrong considering her current predicament.

"I miss mom." Elenore breathes and lowers her head so that the long curly hair hides the tears that threaten to spill. Though she was never close to her mother, that was always her brother, not her, Elenore would be lying in saying she doesn't love the woman and that right now she would give anything for a scolding even. Also her brother whom she has always teased for being a Mama's boy, was welcome to open that door and hug her, her who doesn't like hugs.

The clacking sound of heels reaches her ears and she desperately tries to stop the tears from falling and in doing so she messes her hair further, once again shaking her head. Lifting her eyes to watch who enters the room, she is dumfounded to see a blond woman smiling brightly at her, waving her hand and bouncing?

"Have you seen Mina Blood recently? I can't find her anywhere and I though she'd be here...I was wrong it seems, but have you seen her?" the woman Elenore has never seen before asks, that infuriating smile still lighting up her face.

"No" Elenore chokes out, her throat suddenly feeling dried-up and she's parched. The woman nods happily and just before exiting she give Elenore some water to drink. With another smile she gets out leaving the witch wondering What the hell happened just now ?!