I came to Tokyo-Zion Academy three months ago. The school is alright. It looks nice and all, but I have run into the same problem I always do. It's the same as it is back at home. All my life, it's always been the same. The women just love me. I don't know what it is, but it just happens. I guess it's my own strange charm. Even when I was a kid, I ended making girls start fights on the playground because of me. They all wanted to marry me then. The lassies still love me now. They all flock to me. Straight, single, taken, engaged, married, bisexual, lesbian, young, old. They just can't help but to fall for me. It just happens. That wouldn't be nice of me to turn them away, now would it? So, I just accept their love and attention on me in huge waves. Hey, I just do it to be a man about it.

Oh, who the hell am I?

The name's Colin O'Sullivan. Aye, I am Irish. I transferred here from Ireland on a scholarship for two years. This actually wasn't my first choice in schools, but it just came down to that in the end. Hey, I'm not complaining about it. There are plenty of lovely lasses to look at. The academy is mostly run by women. They'll probably all fall for me too. It's a curse, really. For every woman that falls for me, every lad wants to kill me. Just like the women in my earlier years, the lads had queued up to try and off me then. I can't remember a time when someone's boyfriend or husband wanted to kick my ass. Even the gay men frown at me. (If that doesn't say something about me there yet, then I don't know what will.)

I try to not let it get to me, though. I just live for the moment and ride my motorbike. It's all good in the end.

Okay, I will back up a bit. Back up to these past three months with all of these "TZA" women as they call themselves. This'll be an interesting tell to see.

D4l Laffy Taffy...

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