A little man popped out of nowhere. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Mr. Duck," he stated. "Pleased to meet you?" he asked. "Pleased to meet you," he repeated, answering his own question.

"You're crazy," Susan exclaimed

The small man yanked the book bag off his back, pulled out a binder, scanned a page of it, then snapped it closed and put it back. "I am not," he proclaimed squeakily, and vanished.

Another small man appeared. "I am Donald Duck's wife," he stated. Looking closer, Susan saw that the figure was indeed female.

"Donald Duck?" she queried.

"The man you just Departiculated. You didn't even know his name."

"He... had no time to tell me," she excused.

"You are a heartless, heartless woman. You trick my poor scatterbrained husband into Departiculating without even knowing his name. And leave me a grieving widow." She pinned up her hair and sat down in a huff. "Heartless!" she wailed, and ran off.

Susan, stunned, walked into a store. She paid no attention to the large red sign saying "Caution: May Bite" above the door.

"Everything to go, earthling," requested the man behind the counter.

"I buy from you, and I'm not buying," Susan yelled.

"Everything to go, earthling!" he demanded. It?

No, he. If they call rats he, this thing certainly qualifies.

"Have that in writing?" she asked.

He wrote it down. It looked like this:



and held out a laptop computer.

"Oh," Susan explained. "Like this."

She searched up Everything2 . com, gave back the computer, and left.