Star God…Dess?

Summary: Three hundred and fifty years into the future, humanity has spread in to multiple other solar systems and had colonized many planets that resemble Earth. To protect these planets from VIRUS, an enemy to humanity that destroys planets for sport, the government set up a new Space Protection Program (SPP) to defend the people. But government also passed the law that only men could become soldiers in the SPP to control the Starwarriors, or giant robots. Leona Pasto, a fifteen year old girl, disguises herself as a boy and becomes a new cadet for the Space Protection Program Cadet School. But when she accidently finds the hanger of the Seven Star Gods, she is thrown into a situation of utter chaos. Can she keep her secret safe? Or will the truth slip out.

Star God…Dess? Dictionary:

Principle Officers: These people are mainly the seven who pilot the Seven Star Gods, but it also includes the pilot's personal mechanic and reliable.

Primary officers: These are people who lead individual squads into battle (excluding the leader of the Seven Star Gods). They are in charge of their squads for training practices, battle tactics, and leading their group into battle.

Commendary Officers: The people led by the Primary Officers. They are the lowest type of soldier (beside cadets) but many of them are good fighters.

Cadets: Young boys from ages fifteen to eighteen who train to become pilots of the Starwarriors.

Mechanics: People who check on the Starwarriors and learn about the mechanics of the robots. They fix any problems and damages to the Starwarriors and are relied on by their pilot.

Reliables: These are people who help the pilots in battle. They tell them where the enemy is, what the orders from their captains are, and directions.

Aivon: The main space station/training station for the Starwarriors pilots and cadets. It's bigger that a blue whale and wider than eight football stadiums.

Midrana: One of the fifty space stations that are used for the SPP.

Cadaron: One of the biggest planets that humans have colonized. It is six times bigger than the original Earth and the closet planet to Aivon. It is Leona's home planet and supplies food and other things for Aivon.

Epshioan: Another planet that humans have colonized. Cadets go there to train for land battles from time to time.

The Seven Star Gods: These are seven advanced robots that the other Starwarriors are based them. No one is quite sure how they were made or who made them. They almost seem to have a mind of their own and can communicate with their pilot. The leader, Lumios is completely gold except for its green eyes. The other Gods are silver, bronze, black, white, blue, and green. The government could not exactly replicate them so the Starwarriors are a bit different from the originals. It is said that the Gods chose their pilot and won't allow anyone else to pilot them until they chose a new person.

Starwarriors: These robots were made by the government and were based on the Seven Star Gods. They are all a grayish color and could be controlled by anyone who enters their control orb.

Control orb: Something inside each robot, including the original seven, that is where the pilot controls the robots. Anything a person does inside the orb, the robot does. The down side to the original seven is that is a limb is cut off of the robot; the damage will also go to the pilot.


It is now three hundred and fifty years into the future. Humanity has flourished brilliantly and has spread to other solar systems. But a new enemy has arrived called VIRUS and has begun to kill off planets that humans have colonized to. To protect the planets, the government passed a new law to set up the Space Protection Program, or SPP. Only men are allowed in this new military and they protect planets by piloting the Starwarriors; or giant metal robots. The Starwarriors were based off the Seven Star Gods. No one knows where these robots came from or who made them but humans have learned to use them to protect their people. The only difference between the Star Gods and the Starwarriors is that the Star Gods seem to have a mind of their own. They chose people who are pure hearted and deserve to pilot them, and will only respond to their chosen pilot. When a pilot dies or retires, the Star Gods chose a new pilot on their own by marking them with a six pointed star with wings on the person's forehead. But VIRUS is growing by the day and one by one, the pilots begin to fall. Desperate for help, the government sent out a law saying that any fifteen year old boy who passes the medical exam must become a cadet for the Space Protection Program Cadet Unit. From ages fifteen to eighteen, the boys are trained to become pilots for the Starwarriors. Women are left to do other roles on their planets to help the SPP as much as possible; until now. On planet Cadaron, Leona and her brother Leo switch places so that Leona can become a pilot and Leo can stay with his mother. This is Leona's story...