Bleeding for Eternity

I lay on the floor of my bathroom with tears streaming down my face. The teasing and the mocking and the 'bashing' had finally brought me to the edge. And I was going to jump. As I brought the shiny kitchen knife to my right wrist, all I could think about was the end, and how close I was.

I cut myself once. That was for the girls at school, they had teased me for ten years. Their actions and words have been both cruel and sadistic. On my sixteenth birthday, my locker was filled with plastic surgery brochures. I didn't fit into their cookie-cutter lives so they brought me down and beat me to a pulp. As I watched the blood rush down in a continuous stream, I made the connection about my blood and my life. The blood was my ever-flowing tears that I cried because of them.

I brought the blade to my wrist for a second time. The cut was for my own mother and her beautiful lies. She told me I was pretty. She told me I was cherished in the world. They were nice lies, but were oh so wicked. I knew she would be fake crying at the sight of my bloody body.

I cut myself for a third time. The pain had finally subsided and I was now numb. This cut was for Jessica. She told me everything would be okay. As I see the rivers of blood, I know for a fact that she was wrong. Everything is so wrong.

I cut myself for a fourth time, the deepest yet. At that moment, the door is kicked open, and I just let go.

I opened my eyes to a bright white room. "Where am I?" I ask groggily. A quiet laugh sounds out. I sit up and a sharp pain runs through my arm, but I ignore it. I see where the laughter came from. I see blue eyed gorgeous man. No, he's more than gorgeous…he's other worldly. "Where am I?" I repeat with determination.

"Don't you recognize it? THIS is how you imagine Heaven, Pure white without a single flaw," he states.

"Then who are you?" I ask, confused.

"Your Guardian Angel," he says simply.

"Then why didn't you stop me from killing myself?" I demand, angry at my 'guardian.'

He sighs, "Amethyst, there was only the devil in your heart. There was no way for me to intervene. But you did have to pay a price to get to your paradise."

"What?" I ask, flabbergasted.

"Look at your wrists. Because of what you did, your right wrist will bleed for eternity. To remind you of your failure of life," He says with sadness dripping from his voice.

I look down to see the continuous stream of ruby coming from my wrist. IT is the only flaw about me. My heart sinks, for I know I've ruined my life as well as my afterlife.