I am shaking and feeling faintly sick, but I know if I don't say anything now it will be too late. The truth will drive itself out eventually and if I don't start talking now I will have no control of the outcome.

'I will ask you again Miss, has he taken anything that we should know about?'
I glance at the doctors, from the female nurse on the right to another male doctor on the left. A few other nurses were busy putting him on the table and plugging cords and drips into him. My heart is beating so fast in my chest and my palms are sweaty.
They need to know. But I will get in trouble. Drinking, the party and the illegal drugs and the amount he had taken to "loosen up". He needs to be saved but I might get in trouble. He would hate me forever if I tell on us. I fidget in my seat, my legs jumping up and down, scratching at my arms and my eyesight blurry with tears while trying to avert the doctors stern gaze.

Finally the doctors give up on questioning me.
'Okay hook him up and start him...' the doctor's words are messy in my brain, as more pressing thoughts come to mind. I'm not stupid, I know about mixing drugs. Overdose and possibly death. Would he die? He isn't a bad person, he is just young; we both are. We didn't mean to have that much, just a little to get into the groove of things. If he died, it would be my fault for letting him having so much. I would be the one to go to jail. For life.

I stand up and start pacing the room, wringing my hands together and pulling at strands of my hair. A doctor gently pushes me back to my seat. As a reflex, I turn around and push the doctor back. A few nurses in the corridor rush to his aid and push me down to the seat. They warn me that I will be kicked out of the 5th floor if I'm not cooperating.

'STOP!' I yell. 'STOP STOP STOP! He had too many drugs! Way too many! Some I didn't recognise! He just wanted to loosen up!' My words turn to sobs. I push my face into my hands and pull at my hair with my fingertips so hard I can feel my scalp peeling off my head.

I can hear the doctor start making different orders, telling the nurses to give things I don't know.

He is going to kill me if he survives. He will hate me forever. We will rot in a cell in some dodge prison until we die. Our parents will never forgive us. Our friends will hate us forever. Everyone knows stories from prison. Initiations, Swirlies. The roughest kind of people. We don't belong there, we were just having fun. That's not a crime. We won't survive in prison. We will be the newest and the weakest. What have I done! I need to get us both out of here before we get into trouble.

I run to the bed with him on it. I start frantically pulling out cords from his body as I can hear panic around me. I can feel people pulling on my arms to get me away, but they don't understand. I can't focus and I can hardly see what I'm doing, with the rain drops in my eyes. I rub my eyes for a second but the rain drops just won't go away!

I shove the people off me, and grab him. I see shadows at the door, beckoning me forward. My escape! With my difficulty, I haul his body across the room. It feels like dead weight. Why won't he just stand up and help me get out of this prison? We are fine; we just have to follow the shadows. They will lead us out.

I run down the corridor but it's a bit hard when acid rain is in your eyes and things keep on jumping out in front of me. Hospitals are scary. Something pulls on my arm and suddenly he is tugged out of my grasp. I just keep running.

Along the walls there are shadows, trying to keep up with me. They are speaking to me.
'Keep on running, you're almost there,' one says.
'Don't forget about the police. They are surely after you by now,' another says. More and more voices are yelling encouragements at me.
'You can't let them get you, you must keep running.'
'He will meet you out there, just keep running.'
'But guys, I'm just so tired right now,' I say to the shadows.
'Don't give up, keep running.'

I see a way out! A huge glass door at the end of the corridor! I run faster now, building up speed to burst through the doors and out into the open. I crash through the door and glass is everywhere.

And suddenly I'm falling.

The door wasn't a door. It was a window.