The time she knew was coming soon

She'd hoped not for the day

Inside was numb, the words scarce heard

But nothing did she say

She should have broken, withered, died,

But all she saw was grey

A hazy twilight, cloudy sky

And nothing did she say

Though people asked with teary eyes

"How could she be okay?"

Inside she screamed, for she was not

But nothing did she say

Emotion in each saddened glance

She brushed it all away

The death march sang its woeful drone

And nothing did she say

Was it pity, or was it love

Which made them look her way?

She placed a smiling mask in place

And nothing did she say

It ate her soul, pretending light

This act she had to play

And no one thought to worry, see?

For nothing did she say

Did she crumble? Did she fall?

She still stands tall today

Her face revealing none at all

And nothing will she say

The nights she cries herself to sleep

The silence won't obey

She only wants someone to hear

But nothing will she say

She lives for now a hollow heart

A hole will always stay

Though time will pass, it lessens not

And nothing will she say.

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