They're just fevered dreams!
The nightmares he has where, blood and bullets fly.
For surely there could never be!
A reality, of that sordid kind.
He's but a man of peace!
The truest love, was all he sought to find.
Until the induced disease!
In dosages his passions were declined.

Super soldier!
What did you think they had in mind?
You disobeyed orders.
Marionette of their design.

Super soldier.
Seems that it's your time.
The truth you have discovered.
Now they'll make you wish you'd died.
How dare you display honor.
In a world ruled by those sans spines.
Pathetic, warrior.
A pawn to sacrifice.
By demons in disguise.

So silence your screams!
No one will hear you, why bother to try?
And who would believe?
When the media converts the truth to lies.
Your living hell conceived!
In the minds of privileged genocides.
A generation deceived!
Their selves erased, and their freedom undermined.
Super soldier.
How could they be so blind?
Alone you defy death-dealers.
Your courage is a crime.

Super soldier!
All alone on your own side.
But never surrender!
That doesn't mean that you're not right!
You've battled harder!
Than your foes will in their lives.
Betrayed and martyred!
Forced forevermore to fight.
For the right to your own mind.

Fragmented memory!
Of times when the world still seemed bright!
Of a boy who dared to speak!
Against the cage within he'd been confined.
Such naivety!
Take your pills, stop crying, serves you right.
For your heresy!
You will be ever entombed inside,
Yourself, super soldier!
On Ritalin and misery you'll dine.
Flail in the water.
Drown in the things you've been denied.
Are you really that surprised?
The boy has died.
The man's forced to survive.