Revenge Sings

By: Vampchick2010

The voices grating on my ears

On the verge of pissing me off

The gaggle of others

Annoying to hear

The sounds of a church

Brings dark images to mind

Roars in my ear as evil thoughts

Fill my calculating mind

The wild animal circling its prey

Its hellish eyes glowing

Crimson red

My good twin ran away

Leaving me

The evil twin in her place

The joyous poems

Send me on a raging rampage

The joy of crunching bones

The screams of pain sing loudly

Music on the radio

Drowns out my sinister laughter

A stranger appears with a paper

The paper with an angry scribble

Glares with a hellish gaze

Don't try to laugh this off

You don't know what plots are in my mind

So you want to sing

Cuckoo bird

Sing in hell

Far away from me

Temptation leads to

Fruition of an evil plot