By: Vampchick2010

Speeding on a motorcycle

I strap on my helmet

Ready to race away

Cool breeze rushing by

My destination unknown

Sitting, watching the people move about

Where are they going?

Why are they rushing?

Time passes by

Just sitting and watching

Walking boundless through the day

I walk to an unknown destination

All around me traffic speeds by

Unknown to me

Where their destination lays

Time controls my world

Every minute of the day

All I do is travel and stop

Time speeds by

Unfazed by my movements

Oh, what end could be in sight?

Time never stands still

No matter the moment

Time will always win the race

Yet it can still run out

A ticking clock counts down

A countdown that makes you anxious

The clock ever moving forward

Could mean the end

But the end of what?

The day?

The class?

Your life?

What end does it mean?

Back to where I was

It seems oh so long ago

Time to go back to my bike

Just driving onward evermore