He sits in the corner, wrists crossed in his lap, squeezing his hands into fists. He tries to breath, and pinches himself when he finds himself having trouble. He hates himself, and the embarrassment only makes it worse.

Closing his eyes, he bites his lip. He was a fool to think he could do what he wanted. An idiot. He relaxes his hands and opens his eyes, instead choosing to dig his nails into his wrist, the pain forcing him to focus, and clearing his mind. The feeling of embarrassment drifts away, and he can think once more. He was stupid, but he doubts anyone who wasn't looking would have seen it. He looks around. No one is looking at him.

He lets go, moving his hands to his knees. He breaths, and is able to calm himself a bit. He will be ok. He stands and walks away, blending into the crowd within seconds.