Over You

Chapter One

"So you are finally over him after a year," my best friend, Yuri, asked. "Ryanne."

"Yes," I replied. "I think."

She stretched her back and stood up off the mat she sat on. We were at the gym because she thinks she needed to lose weight because she gained like one pound over the past month. But I don't really care because I love exercising and I am only doing this for her.

She grinned holding her hand out for mine. "Good, now, we don't have to call him it anymore. We can call him by his name, Alec."

"Please don't say his name," I said.

"Fine, Bestie. I won't."

Just to fill all of you in on our conversation. Alec and I date for a year a year ago. He was twenty-six and please don't laugh and say you should have because I already know I should have. Just to let you know why you should say that is because I was sixteen, but he didn't know that for the whole time we dated.

We met at bar that would allow sixteen year olds in, but only if I knew them since the bouncer is my brother and he could watch me. It was love at first sight for him and soon after I feel in love with him.

These are the reason why I think I fell in love with a man ten years older than me:

A. he was Scottish.

B. he was sweet to me.

C. he loved me as well.

He found out my real age and we had a fight. This led to him telling me he never wants to see me ever again even though I was in love with him and I know he was in love with me as well. It took me a year to get over him and I still am not completely over him.

Yuri fell silent a few minutes later. I looked over at her and she was staring at something in front of us, so followed her eyes to the thing she was staring at. This happened to be Alec. She quickly looked at me before grabbing my arm trying to pull us away from looking at him, but it was too late. He had already seen me and was now staring at me.

"Umm…Yuri, what now?" I asked, looking at her.

"Act like you don't see him," she replied.

"'Kay," I said. "Let us leave, darling. Go get your son and I'll meet you at the car."

She laughed as we parted. "Are you trying to get me in trouble with the law?"

"It is not illegal." I called half way to the front door. "He is your son."

Yes, Yuri is a mother, but on accident of course. She and her still current boyfriend, now, fiancé had used protection, but somehow she still ended up pregnant. Their son is almost one now and the best part is Alec don't know about it.

I heard the door close behind me as I walked to the car. I sat in the driver's seat and cranked up the car all while Alec stood a few feet with his arms crossed. I couldn't look at him though.

"What?" I asked.

He shrugged. "How have you been?" His accent caught on a few of the words.

"Fine," I said.

"Good, I am glad to hear…"

"Yuri will be back in a few minutes." I interrupted him.

He sighed. "I guess I'll see you around."

"I guess so."

He walked away after that and I watch his back through my rearview mirror. Yuri passed him on her way out and he looked back at her and Kristopher, her son, surprised.

Alec had only met Yuri several times, when we were together and all before she was showing with Kristopher. Kristopher looks exactly like his father, Ewan, but with Yuri's brown eyes.

Kristopher was talking to Yuri, but you could understand a word he was saying. Yuri kept agreeing with everything Kristopher was saying as she buckled him into his car seat.

"So, what did he want?" she asked sitting down in the passenger's seat.

"To see how I was doing," I replied.

"And how are you doing?"

"Fine. Absolutely fine," I said.

"Yuri, shut up," I groaned.

"Well, you never know. Jack O'Neill might have a thing for you," she said, continuing with her pressuring me to go out with Jack.

"Don't you just love your fiancée, Ewan?" I asked.


"Ewan Henry Donovan," Yuri said. "Just wait until we get home."

"Love you, too, baby."

Ewan kissed Yuri's cheek before walking off toward his locker. Yuri and I were lucky our lockers are right beside each other, but Ewan wasn't that lucky. His was on the other side of their school. Yuri watched Ewan's back as he disappeared into the crowd.

"Oh, goody. Now, we go to English and find out who our new teacher is," I said. "I better like this one."

She laughed. "Anything is better than Mrs. Mathis."

"Yes, totally," I sighed.

We grabbed our books for English and History and walked down the hall towards class as she told me about Kristopher repeating a curse word his father had said earlier. Ewan had disciplined him, but didn't spank him only told him never to say it again.

Our classroom was a science lab but only because there was a screw up and they had too many science labs made and not enough regular classes. The class started as well and Yuri sat beside me like everyone else did with their friends. Since we were getting a new teacher, why not let him or her think we didn't have assign seats. Ewan jogged in right before the principle walked in. Jack was leaning against my desk trying to ask my weekend went. Flirting, I believe, Yuri called it.

"Class as you all know, Mrs. Mathis has retired, so we find you guys a new teacher. His name Mr. Reid and I hope you all show him how we do it here at Johnston High," Mrs. Stark said.


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