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I grinned as Alec carried our one year old daughter into our house. Yes, we have a house and yes, it big and has a lot of room for our growing daughter. Alec laid her on the floor and she looked up at us with her big blue eyes stared at us as he wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed my lips and I giggled as our daughter attempted to walk to her doll.

"Well, Mrs. Reid, we did well," he whispered before kissing my lips.

I grinned. "Happy, one year anniversary, baby."

We got married one year ago today. We met eight years ago today and our daughter was born a year ago today. Yep, she was an early wedding present. In the middle of our reception, she decided it was time to be born and she wasn't due until a two more weeks. I think she was excited about the wedding because earlier that day she was a bouncy little thing. So I basically spent my wedding night squeezing Alec's hand to death and bringing our daughter into this world. Our anniversary was also our daughter's birthday so we are going to have a party for her.

"Amelia, no ma'am," Alec said as he went to take the remote out of her mouth.

Amelia's lower lip started to quiver and she looked up at me instead of her evil daddy. She held her arms up and I walked over to her and picked her up. I stuck my tongue out at Alec before I sat on the couch with Amelia. She laid her head on my chest and let out a little whimper before looking up at me.

"Ma," she said.

There was a knock on the door and Alec went to answer it. Henry and Agnes were there with their son, Jasper, who was a few months older than Amelia. Jasper and Amelia are great playmates, but things get wild when Evangeline is here. They will all be in the same grade except for Evangeline who is a several months older than Jasper, but Evangeline is a wild child like her brother. A big smile broke out on both Amelia and Jasper and she started wiggling in my arms. Henry and Alec disappeared somewhere up stairs and Agnes collapsed beside me as our children played together.

"Happy, anniversary," Agnes said. "Happy birthday, Amelia."

Amelia looked up from her toy truck that Jasper brought and she crawled to Agnes, who picked her up. "Da...Da…" she squealed looking over at the hall away.

Alec came and looked up at her as Jasper stared in amazement. "What is it, sweetie?"

Amelia held her arms out for him and he took her with him to his office or wherever he and Henry went. Yuri came barging into my house with little Evangeline and Kristopher and Ewan. Kristopher tackled me as I sat on the couch and Yuri sat Evangeline down of the floor and she went running to Jasper instead of her favorite aunt.

"Where is Alec?" Ewan asked.

I pointed into the direction of Alec's office and Ewan set off to go play with the big boys. After they got here, Stephanie and her family came, my parent-in-laws, and then, my family just for my little girl's first birthday. The little kids played in the living room with us girls, while the boys and Amelia was in Alec's office.

I walked to his office because it was time for dinner. Alec had Amelia in his arms and she was playing with his short black hair and her semi-long black hair she inherit from her daddy. The other men were playing poker and they were using monopoly money as real money. Alec was the only one that didn't play poker because he was grading like he always does.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed Alec's cheek as Amelia's finger shoot up to his nose. "Hey, baby."

"What is it, Ryanne?" he asked.

"Dinner time, Alec," I replied before pick up Amelia out of his arms.

"Ma," she greeted me.

I kissed her forehead before walking into the kitchen where there was meatloaf that Alec's mother made and macaroni and cheese that my mother made and Amelia completely adores. I sat Amelia in the high chair as my mother sat her Sippy cup down in front of her and she started making a mess. Alec walked into the room with the other men and he sat on the other side of Amelia's high chair as I feed her and as she tried to feed both of us.

Todd got a kick out of Amelia and she looked up at him with her blue eyes. He was laughing because he thought she was a funny little baby. Anya had grown a lot and she was almost two now. She could walk and talk a little bit and she was making a bigger mess than Jasper, Evangeline, and Amelia put together. She was a funny baby. Amelia made an even bigger mess with her cake that I had to feed her. The cake actually tasted pretty good. God, Agnes can bake.

The party went on, but Amelia looked like she was about to pass out when it was over. I hugged Agnes and Stephanie as they left at the same time and my mother was the last to go. Dad had the sleeping Ileana in his arms and Vera was cooing over her niece. I kissed my mother's cheek and they left, which left Alec in his office and me putting our daughter to bed.

I don't like it sometimes when he decides to grade papers during an important event like our daughter's first birthday. I think he was grading papers on our wedding day, but is just one of the many things I have learned to live with him. I carried Amelia to her bedroom up stairs and I bathed her as she tried to fall asleep on me. Then, I put her pajamas on and she was able to fall asleep as she like.

I walked back down stairs and I cleaned. Even though I hate clean, I cleaned. I cleaned up the mess the children made and the kitchen. I took an hour or so and yet I still have time to spare since Alec has a time limit on his grading. He came up with that stupid time limit thing, so he can spend more time with his family.

I walked to Amelia's bedroom and watched as she slept. It turned out our little wish for having a son first didn't happen. I actually like how it turned out, but Alec was a little disappointed about it. I kissed her forehead and she stirred a little bit, but she didn't wake up and I sat down on the rocking chair and watched.

I think I fell asleep on the rocking chair because I woke up to Alec carrying me to our bed. I looked up at him and he looked down. "You can sit me down, now."

He nodded before doing I said. "What do you want to do now?"

I shrugged before sitting on our bed. "There is a bed and there is you and me. We really do need to make up for what we missed on our wedding night."

He chuckled before pulling his shirt off. "I like the way you think. I knew I married you something more than your beauty."

"I hate you."

"I love you, too, Ryanne."