A little one piece of philosophy inspired by my second life story "Life II: Light of Life". I might do more little pieced based on life (they may become a one-shot series) though as of right now, I don't have any ideas for one-shots. Got ideas? Please feel free to tell me then X).

Enjoy - Monty


People live it to find happiness.

Yet find sadness as well, and in that sadness they struggle to find their new light to happiness.


People live and die.

It is a very fragile creation and yet so durable, a creation symbolizing our will and strength.

Yet I've wondered what life really is? What is the meaning behind its creation? Is it so that we can just live and die? Is it so we as humans become the moderators of this planet? Or is it because something just wanted for us to co-exist with other creatures of this world? Questions, so many of them. Yet life, it still is a simple but at the same time a complicated concept.

Life, what is the reason behind a life? The reason...is perhaps to find our own happiness, something worth living for, our own light of life.