So Hi, I'm back with another short piece for my "Life" story philosophies. As I said, "philosophies" that's what this "Life one-shots" is going to be composed of. Philosophies behind life; love, hate, jealousy, anger and several other human emotions along with the overall life outlook I personally have on it. This will express my own personal philosophies of life; a chance to be heard in a manner of speaking.


- Monty

Life: Distortions

I know I talked about existence before, and I'm still searching the answer to the major question; why do we exist? But in my search for the answers, I've come across a very important aspect of human nature. This aspect integrates greed, selfishness and contradictions; I'm talking about corruption and distortions, but mainly distortions. Contradictions themselves are distortions in a sense, we as humans have a nature built to contradict nearly everything nature stands for. Why do I say this? Take the natural cycle of existence for example. It seems to apply to every other living creature on Earth but us humans, because we've learnt to break that cycle and do as we please. We take what we wish to from this planet and while we do try to replenish the resources of this world, we fail to accomplish this in the time we end up taking those resources. It's easier to take than to give as people have so come to love in doing.

As I mentioned before, greed, this is one of the biggest distortions in humanity's existence. We talk about how money doesn't matter as long as the satisfaction is good out of what we choose to do; but its money that makes the human world spin round and in reality, it is the money people care most about as opposed to satisfaction simply. There are some rare individuals who are very fixated on the simple pleasures of life; satisfaction from work being one of them, however I've found from personal experience are most fixated on their I've even come across one individual who was completely fixated on money, who only saw money being the output for the work they would do; how distorted can the world really be? It's as though the human world only shows its true evil qualities. Kindness in humanity is decreasing; ever so rare sometimes but still evident. I wouldn't completely condemn humanity to the evils they have shown, but it is as though a corrupt race living on this pure planet.

Lies surround us every day, even the littlest of all lies can hurt us in the end. People may lie to protect someone, but they can always end up hurting someone else in the end, whether it is another person or you yourself. Even one single small lie is a seed of corruption which goes on to distort your heart, mind and values in life. But they're everywhere, in a sense we're all distorted from the truth of the reality and instead create our own reality through those lies. It's the distortions which go on to create the regrets we have in our lives. It's those distortions which so clearly define our corrupt nature as human beings. No one is pure, no one is left untouched by that corruption; everywhere I see, I see the remnants of corruption constantly chasing and infecting us. The world itself has become so distorted because we some of the many inhabitants have become distorted. The world is not only full of love, happiness, joy, hate, darkness and the cold lies, but it is only filled with contradictions and distortions which make up the negative elements of human psych and their actions. We're distortions ourselves, yet that is why I believe that the answer to our existence can also help in understanding our distortions better, so that we may learn to contradict those distortions and eradicate them. One of the reasons we are able to cause these distortions and contradictions are because of these shells, these bodies we possess, so that also puts a great importance on existence. For without existence, there may not exist any contradictions or distortions; it is existence which brings emotions which in turn also brings negative qualities in humans. Logic is sometimes looked down on, but it is also what can help destroy these contradictions and distortions in the world, but only if we were to start the change with ourselves. Change is hard but possible, contradictions and distortions are easy to spawn and while they may be hard to destroy, we can destroy them nonetheless to create the world people fantasize about, a peaceful world.

What did you think? Do you have your own philosophies on this subject? Then go ahead and put them in the review section; it would be interesting to see everyone else's outlook on the concept of contradictions and distortions.