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The Secret Grove

Chapter 1


"Ssh-" I hiss as I put my hand over the mouth of my dog to keep her from growling, "just be quiet for a little longer-"

I glance around the corner as the sounds of people running up the stairs gets louder. I hold my beagle close as I turn and run toward the closet, I close the door silently and settle myself under a pile of old coats and a box.

"This way!" a gruff voice sounds up the stairs.

My heart pounds in my head and the world seems to slow down at the closet door is opened.

I'm screwed, I'm screwed, I am SO screwed! I think as blinding light floods every corner of the small space.

I can feel Zoë's heart racing in my arms. I squeeze my eyes shut, just leave- just leave! I pray.

"Nothing Boss-" the voice yells, then closes the door again.

"Phew-" I breathe a sigh of relief and take my hand off of Zoë's muzzle. She looks up at me with sad blue eyes, yes I know beagles should have brown eyes, but who ever said Zoë was a normal beagle?

Is it safe now? Her soft voice echo's through my head.

I nod, "Yes- but we need to stay in here 'till they're gone… 'kay?"

She nods, now we wait.


"Stay- staaay- stay-" I say sternly as I creack open the closet door.

You only need to tell me once, her voice says simply.

I glare at her and look around, "We're good, coast is clear!"

She trots out after me, Yay! Why were they here anyway?

"Well-" I sigh and cross my arms as I look down the spiraling stair case, "our cover's blown, we've managed to stay in this abandoned house for a month, but my alchemy can only hold for so long…"

So your powers are weakening?

I turn to her, "No! Of course not!" I groan, "but I am talking to a dog…"


I roll my eyes, "Oh come on- I'm make some food."

I make my way slowly down the creaking and broken steps. At the bottom I step past a mirror but refuse to stop and look, if I look then I'll realize I'm only a fifteen year old, and not a great and powerful alchemist.

You will be.

I blink, "Hey, don't read my thoughts."

How do you think we're talking?

I shoot a look at Zoe, "Well, I might take a roll of turkey off your sandwich."

Noooo- I'll be good!

"You better be-" I say with a small smile.

I walk into the kitchen and stare at the stacked dishes in the sink and the dust covered counters, "I'll make lunch over here-" I point toward a clean table.

I pull out turkey, bread, cheese, and ranch. I quickly dish out two sandwich's and set one on a plate for Zoe, she's picky like that.

I rest up against the counter and lean my sandwich toward Zoë, "Bone apatite…"

I go to take a bite, but I hear the front door creak open, I set my sandwich down, "Really! I'm hungry, I just want to eat my sandwich!"

I push off the counter and pull a knife out of my pocket and Zoë starts to growl from my feet.

I put a finger to my lips to tell her to be quiet.

Then I hear hushed, but hurried, voices, "Are you sure this is the place?"

"Yeah, ya idiot, I'm positive."

"But it's too run down!"

By the sounds of it, there was a boy and a girl.

"Jason! Will you shut up, and look, she's here somewhere!"

I lean against the doorframe and Zoë ducks under a box to pounce out at someone's feet.

I take a silent breath, "I'll check the kitchen, I smell food!"

I nod to Zoë, you take the other one, I got this one.

She looks up at me but scurries away. I clutch my knife in my hand as I tuck myself closer to the musty wall.

A girl slowly walks in, and looks around then walks deeper into the kitchen, completely oblivious to my presence.

I hold the knife in front of me, and take a step.

Her golden blonde hair swishes around her head as she turns to look at me, her extremely blue eyes flash as she sees me. She raises her hands, "It's okay, we're on your side."

"I don't have a side-" I hiss, holding the knife towards her.

"I'm Alice Greenbrook, I'm a good guy."

"Oh really? Why are you in my house then?"

"To ask you to join our group- to bring magic back to this town."

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