"Mom! Home from school!" I dumped my backpack on the couch.

"Okay, Honey! Come get dinner!" My mom called back.

I sat down at the dining table. Pot roast. My favorite.

"So, Conner, how was school?" My mom asked me.


"Don't talk with your mouth full." My mom chided. She turned to my sister. "How about you, Liz? How's school?"

"Eh." Was my sister's only response.

"Oh, and I change everyone's bed sheets and pillows. The old one was getting a bit lumpy and there was a sale at the mall today." My mom announced.

My ears perked up. "What kind of pillows? Feather? Foam? Alabaster? Is it hypoallergenic?"

My sister rolled her eyes. "Is it that important?"

I shrugged. "Your pillow affects about 30% of your sleep. Yes, it's important."

"Sleep nerd." Emily muttered.

"Hey, hey, no bickering at the table." My mom admonished.

"I'm finished eating anyway. I'll go to sleep." I stood up.

"But it's hardly seven-thirty!" My mom protested.

"I'm tired." I yawned.

"He's addicted to sleeping." Emily snickered. "I bet he'd sleep his whole life. The only thing stopping him is that he won't get any money out of it."

I went to my room. I'm not addicted to sleeping. I simply enjoy it. And there is such thing as competitive sleeping. My personal record is two days of nonstop sleep.

People call me lazy. I'd say I'm just energy conservative. Besides, have you ever gone two whole days without having bathroom breaks? I guessed not.

I jumped into my bed. I lay my head on my new pillow. It was made of silk, and was so soft, I felt as if my head was lying down on a cloud. Within seconds, I drifted off to sleep.