In a small cottage, in a big forest
a girl was born, pure and modest
Her parents cried, she wasn't gifted with sight
The child's smile still shone so bright

Her grandmother gave her a seed when she was seven
and told her the flower could reach to heaven
Be patient, child to bloom time it will take
you see, climbing up there is no piece of cake

The men in the village laughed and jeered
a blind girl growing flowers, how weird
The women shook their heads; what a pity!
She'd never be married, she was so pretty.

The children teased her without end
the flower was presumably her only friend
And what a friend, she couldn't even see the thing!
What a weirdo, acting like it was some almighty king.

The girl grew and with her the plant
the girl ignored the insults as well as the 'you can't'
Her flower was her savior, he understood.
He told her how she was nothing but good.

Our loving girl died young and pure
this was all the pain and insults she had to endure
The moment our girl left for higher grace
her precious flower vanished without a trace.

A man welcomed her to His wonderful land
His smile was warm and He held a flower in his hand
The girl studied the flower for a little while
before she looked up at the man with a glowing smile.

Wisteria is a flower, if someone wondered, and was the flower the girl in this poem took care of. The Wisteria vines are known to climb high and from seeds they'll take about 15-20 years before they bloom for the first time. They're also very pretty.

I hope you enjoyed the poem. ^^