The Shuffle

Version 1.0

Alright folks. I have decided that my Fornit requires feeding. For those of you who know not what a Fornit is, it is tiny elf that lives inside your keyboard, typewriter or pencil. It is what makes one able to write. Naw, I don't really believe in magic writing gnomes. Though that would be awesome. But anywho, I shall feed my metaphorical creative Fornit elf with several personal writing challenges I will set for myself. You may know of several writing challenges that are different from the ones that I will be doing. You may also want to suggest these challenges to me. Do not. As the goal of a literary challenge is to exercise one's creativity as rigorously as possible, only one's own challenges, created by that same imagination that needs strengthening, will suffice. I encourage other writers going through a block to do the same. Though, like me, invent your own challenges. You may surprise yourself.

Anywho, this shall be the first of my challenges. I dub it, quit bluntly, The Shuffle. If a proper Trademark icon could be applied to fictionpress documents, I would apply it to that term. Here is what it requires. I will listen to my MP3 player. I will have it set, oh surprise of all surprises, on shuffle. I will then write a story for each song I hear. As this is the first, it will be a short collection of only five chapters. Every time I do another Shuffle, I will increase the number of stories in the collection by 5.

All the stories will be unrelated to one another. One-shots, in short. They will vary in length with every story, depending on how indepth I want to make each particular prose, which I won't know till I'm done the stories. I may eventually do a multi-chaptered, plotted story based upon the shuffle, where I design the plot around a series of songs, but that'll be a long time coming. It's like, a totally new tier of The Shuffle. Many levels, The Shuffle has, Padwan.

Also! Some of the stories may be entirely unrelated to the content of the song. It is because I am writing these stories based upon MY impressions of the music. For, interpretations contains more levels than The Shuffle itself.

But yeah, that's it in a nutshell. Enjoy!