A/n: This just something I jotted down first period. I've been going through some boy trouble and it just kinda came to me... I hope you enjoy.


Caught up in a stupid, little reverie
Trying to find what's best for me
Why is it so hard for you to see
That this is what's been killing me?

It was so hard to tell you how feel
And you blew it off like no big deal
This isn't one of my stories; it's real
Sometimes it plays out like a move reel

I don't know what to say anymore
Our friendship isn't what it was before
Simply saying "hi" is turning to a chore
Am I honestly that much of a bore?

When we met, you were a stranger
I gave you my heart, now it's filled with anger
I hope you'll excuse my schoolgirl behavior
It's how I act when my head screams danger

I met you when I was new in town
And I let my wall come crumbling down
It's funny how fast my smile turned to a frown
Now my world is shaded with blues and browns

This game we're playing is getting old
I just want the truth to be told
I feel like I've been left out in the cold
Now, I wish I hadn't been so bold