Rose ran down the hallway of the house you lived in with your dad, step mom and half brother. Your step mom was the most ancient oldest vampire there was and was very important. You where her step daughter and she might have raised you like her own but you think she secretly didn't like you. Your half brother treated you like he was more important and you where nothing but half human and half vampire. He treated you like you were full human. Your father loved you and reminded you of it every day, he reminded you he loved your mom and told you what he could about her. Michel had probably liked you when you where younger but once he became older and knew about his life more he became different.

"Rose come back here!" Michel yelled chasing you down the hall of the house.

"Michel leave me alone!" you yelled back at him running into your dad

"Michel, Rose what is going on?" Darren said in a strict voice

"Michel won't leave me alone," you said

"Michel leave your sister alone. We have people coming you need to be on your best behavior."

"She's not my full sister so I don't have to," he said glaring at you

"Good I wouldn't want to be your full sister anyways your horrible," you said walking into a room and slamming the door shut

The room you had walked into was a fitting room with servants fitting your step mom into a nice dress. She looked over at you when the door shut. She had heard the agreement between your brother and you.

"Well there you are I was going to have someone come and get you to fit you into a outfit for tonight," she said lightly

"I don't want a dress," you whispered

"Well you need to be for our special guest tonight."

"Who is it?" you questioned

"You'll see tonight," she said with a smile

You where lead over to a stand and you decided to go with a black dress that went all the way down to the floor but starting at your mid thigh it had gone to see through. The dress was also strapless and slightly showed off some cleavage. You looked at yourself in the mirror and let out a sigh. You tilted your head to the side and headed out to the garden. You walked over to the red roses and pulled one off the bush. You smelled the sweet scent of the flower and walked over to the fountain and sat down at the edge and looked into the water at your reflection. You soon could see your father's reflection behind you. He smiled lightly at you as you turned around and looked at him.

"You look lovely sweetie," he said to you

"Thanks father," you said standing up

"Well our guest will be arriving soon, come on," he said walking inside

"I'll be in; in a few minutes."

He left you sitting there and after awhile you could hear the cars and voices inside. You looked up at the sky and could see the stars and the full red moon that was there. You got up and walked inside the building to where your family was and to where the guest was. There were some other people with him but you couldn't tell who. You walked up to them. Your father turned around and saw you; he smiled lightly at you as you stood next to him. If they were talking they had stopped when you had showed up.

"This is my other child," your father said as everyone was looking at you

"Hi," a guy said to you he had black hair that was short and neat, silver eyes and what looked like to be gold in them, and he was very handsome. He held his hand out to you and you took it. You had no idea who he was as you gave him your hand and he gently kissed the top of it. He seemed to have forgotten or stopped paying attention to everyone else as he talked to you.

"What is your name?" he asked

"Rose," you said lightly to him as you put your hand back to your side.