"Why can't you believe that Nic? They don't think of me as an equal at all," you said looking down at your lap

Nic looked at you then lifted your chin up and kissed your lips lightly, "You are an equal to everyone," he said and kissed you again

You smiled into the kiss before you pulled away from him a little, "Being equal to everyone is not true there are some people who aren't there above others."

He knew you were talking about his family because with the way they lived it was a branch of who was higher. He kissed you again, "I stick to what I said before."

"Why?" you asked him

"I don't have to tell you why right now," he said kissing you again and pushing you back against the bed. He caught himself with his arms so his body weight wasn't all on you. He kissed your lips then kissed down to your neck. When he nipped at a certain spot it made you moan and then you felt him smirk against your neck.

"Nic tell me," you said lightly as he kissed your neck again

"Mh not right now," he said looking into your eyes

"How much you miss me?" you said changing the subject

"You have no idea how much I missed you."

"Want to show me how much?" you asked

He looked at you and shook his head, "No because that would go against so many things."

There was a knock on the door before you could say anything else to him. He got up and went to the door. When he opened it Mary was there.

"Mary you always have nice timing."

"Yes I know I was thinking I should come check on you two. You never know what might happen to leave two people alone."

"Like leaving you and my father alone?" he asked raising an eyebrow

She laughed at him, "That's different we're married."

"What did you really come here for?" he asked her

"Your father wants to talk to you right now," she said

"Ok," he turned to look at you, "I'll be back soon Rose." He then left the room. You decided to just stay in the room you had nothing better to do and you didn't know where else to go besides your room. When Nic did come back you where by the window looking at something that was in the distance, Nic came over to you and reached around you closing the blinds to the window. You turned and looked at him there was something in his eyes that told you something was wrong.

"Nic?" you questioned lightly

He looked at you and before he could say anything something crashed into the window causing you to scream as Nic grabbed you and pulled you away from the window. You both landed on the ground with him on top of you.

"You ok?" he asked looking down at you

"Yeah I'm fine," you said lightly

He got up and pulled you up as well then took you out of the room. There were some people who were running around trying to start things everyone was in panic mode. You looked at Nic and he just pulled you down the stairs and into the study where his father, step-mother and the head general was they all looked at you and Nic when you entered the room. Nic shut the door then walked over to the table where the other's where. Mary walked over to you and smiled lightly.

"Let's leave the guys to this and we'll go into the kitchen," she said to you and led you out of the room and headed to the kitchen. When you where in the kitchen Mary got you and drink and handed it to you.

"Thanks," you said and took a drink

She looked at you as you where looking out the window. Something moved outside and you barely caught the movement with your eyes. You put the drink down and looked out the window.

"What is it Rose?" Mary asked looking at you

"Mh nothing thought I saw something."

You turned back around and looked at the door behind Mary, "Someone open the door?" you asked her

She turned around and looked at the door and shook her head. You walked over to the door and where going to shut it when you felt something wrap around your ankle. You barely had time to react as you fell to the floor. You started screaming as you where dragged through the yard and then through the forest. You got cuts along your arms and legs. When you finally came to a stop you sat up and tried to get what was wrapped around your ankle off.

"Don't bother it won't come off by your hands," a dark deep voice came

You looked up and around till your eyes landed on Kaige.

"Kaige," you said lightly

"Hi, you miss me?" he questioned you

"No actually I didn't. What do you want?"

"You know I want that necklace you're wearing."

"You can't have it!"

You where then thrown against a tree and what you had realized where vines wrapped around your whole body. You tried to move but couldn't.

"We'll wait till Nic gets here," Kaige said and looked at you