This idea came from a Vampire Diaries roleplay I do. My character is Aksinya, And one of the best roleplayers ever has Maverick :) I actually took most of it from a story I'm writing called the Shadows and Maverick is Aksinya's sire but the characters are a teeny bit different in my story then the roleplaying. Just for anyone who wants read this and wanted to know the idea. Skip over if you dont care, It doesnt matter :)...(Sorry, It isnt spacing)

He watched and waited. She ran as fast as she could from the castle just to get away from it all. Marriage was the only option she had and that was only thing she wouldnt follow through with. The sun was setting but you could see the mark on her face that her father left as she cut through the woods trying to find her own shelter. He tilted his head remembering an old love. She didnt look like her but the way she held herself was close enough. She sat down near the edge of the river wiping tears off of her face sitting on her light blue dress. She stared froward as he slowly approched behind her.

"Are you alright? You look a little troubled..."

She quickly turned trying to cover the tears. Her hair wipped around and she was startled. Who was this? On their family property and talking to the princess?

"Im...Im okay, Just family problems that's all. It's nothing"

"It doesnt look like nothing to me...I'm Maverick"

He bowed slightly and smirked. He already knew who she was but she wouldnt know who he is. The only Drago Princess..If they would have never gave up their other daughter Nunnally, They would have paid more attention to her anyway. But he thought to work his way in, And for now he was doing good at it. She grabbed her dress and stood up staring at him. Her green eyes were slightly red and puffy but she still had to make her appearance.

"Aksinya Drago...And before you ask, Yes, I live here and I am the princess"

He grabbed her hand kissing it making her blush. She looked away enjoying his presence which wasnt new to her. She never loved Micah, She never could. She had secret lovers that she would visit often not feeling much guilt.

"I know that I shouldnt be on this property, But Im new to this area in Russia. I live on the east side of the country and I do not know this area well..."

"It's alright, My father or his guards will kill you if they see a stranger roaming around. Be careful...Or my fiance, He would not like me talking to you"

Her eyes shifted looking down. He could read her as if she was glass, He could see right through her. The pain, Suffering, hurt, Everything showed on the outside making her look weak. No one in the town liked her, Most couldnt stand the family anyway. Nikolai was the precious one who had a family and was liked overall, Alexei was troubled but always had many friends around him. Aksinya was alone with Micah. She stayed in her room while everyone had eachother.

"Come on...I want to show you something, I think you will like it"

He smirked grabbing her hand. It was warm compared to his touch.

"I should not...I'm not suppose to leave here, Actually I can not"

"When do you listen to your father anyway?"

She felt puzzled by that wondering how he knew about her. He held her in a tight grip then walked away quickly making it so no one would see.

"This is your castle? You really live here?"

He nodded watching her as she walked around. It was not as big as her home but it was good enough for her. The style was slightly different like a feel from a different country. Aksinya was impressed by the things he had. Micah was the prince of Sweden and had all sorts of silver, Gold, Jewels, Everything that many wanted and could never have. She stopped staring at a picture of him.

"This is a really nice place...Why did you bring me here?"

He zipped behind her taking in her scent. He moved her blonde hair to the left side of her neck and couldnt help the hunger he was feeling. Her body tensed up as her kissed her neck. Maverick knew that he was going to take advantage and bite into her neck in a second, She was always the unsuspecting victim. She closed her eyes before feeling a sharp ain. After that, Everything was black to her and she didnt remember a thing...

The Drago's usually held a party every few weeks to catch up with old friends, Enemies and new ones to the town. Micah was watching Aksinya put her makeup on. He layed on the bed trying to get the whole story on where she was last week and why she was in the woods. Her neck felt slightly sore from all the blood loss, But like she could remember anything that happened. She stood up putting on her best fake smile walking out arm and arm with him.

Maverick stood in by the stairs standing quietly and drinking by himself. He wasnt interested in talking to the guests, Only one person was on his mind. He smirked after seeing her before turning away. Everything about this family was hidden under their picture perfect image, And he wanted to shattered that in a thousand pieces. Alexei would become king, Aksinya would have a family and Nikolai would continue to serve in the military. Things would go on forever like that in this family. But things were about to last in a different way.

"Wait, Micah...I want something to drink"

He nodded and turned away. Maverick made his way past the crowd of people and grabbed her arm. He had his eyes locked on hers and wasnt intending to let her go. Let them all think she left the party angry, Upset or whatever else thye could come up with. Blood is blood and it doesnt matter who he gets it from.

"Maverick? You actually came to one of these boring parties?"

"I've got something better, It's something I'd like to show you"

With that, They left the party as he guided her out the back, Through the night...

"I'm not marrying him Nikolai! I refuse! I do not care what mother or father have to say...I'm not in love with Micah Alexander. I never will be"

She picked up the bottom of her big, White wedding dress and started to make a dash for the door. Aksinya could care less about the jewerly she had on, How dirty the dress could get. She needed to get away before anyone could tell her the time was her time. She could care less about the wedding and Micah, The only thing she needed and wanted was for her and the baby. She had already planned his name, Hoping it would be a boy. It was a secret she did not want anyone knowing, Another part of running away.

"Aksinya, Sister...You can not just runaway. Alexei already did that. Mother and father would have lost two children. Just stay and get married"

"Shut up. You're not me...Good ridence!"

She ran out to the stables they had in the back. She was going to make it out alive even if she had to ride like hell to get out. She grabbed Honey, Her horse that she has had since she's been little and jumped on. She wanted to get far from Moscow, Far from all the Drago family members and live a new life. Her and her baby Drazen would survive somewhere normal and less chaotic for once in her life. Honey ran through the open field kicking the grass and floweres as it made it's way through for safety. Aksinya stopped thinking she heard something looking up towards the sky. It was going to be getting dark soon, She needed a place fast.

The trees ruffled loudly and Aksinya didnt understand much of what was going on. Maybe people were following her bringing her back. The search party of guards could be hot on her trail at any moment but that wasnt going to stop her. Just then, Her screams pierce the air as her body is quickly lifted off the horse by someone from the sky. Honey kept running not noticing the rider was off. Her screams stopped as blood began to fall onto the grass.

Maverick only wanted blood...And now she's going to have to deal with transition.