Love. I will quote Jane Eyre and insist that I scorn your idea of love.

You think that love is holding hands, kissing lips, touching?

Maybe that is a part of it, but look at the whole picture, think for once.

Do you recognize her personality? Do you know just what she would DO for your love?

Your real love, I mean. Not the infatuation you pass off as that sacred feeling.

No, I do not want you for my own, and I have no decent opinion of her,

But that word. Love. I have respect for that and that alone.

You shouldn't dirty that word with your insincere, unthinking tongue.

How can you love someone you don't even know?

You can't, that's how. Shame on you for thinking you could.

Do you need me to describe love to you? I will.

Love is a heart, beating solely for another being other than yourself.

Love is the NEED to be around that person, a need so strong that you feel you would die.

Love is the word you use to describe the person that you let into your heart,

Love is the way they get there, when you heart has been closed to the outside for years,

Love is when you feel the heart that you had forgotten you had, beating.

Love is to be cherished, to be talked about with reverence, not flung about

Love is two souls so completely intertwined that to take away one, would be to kill the other

Love is Romeo and Juliet

Love is Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester

Love is Heathcliff and Catherine

Love is forever

Love is divine

Now tell me, do you truly love her?

Have you ever truly loved anyone?