This story began in the middle of November, in Mr. Lewis's drama class. We were working on a modern play, and I was one of the lead roles. It was my first major role, and that was quite exciting to me. Our opening was the next night.

Anyway, I was off stage because my character had exited at that point. I stood in the right wing, alone and watched the rest of the play from my spot. I heard someone come up the stairs, and I turned around to find that it was Cyrus Gray. He was in the grade ahead of me, and he was a good 3 or 4 inches taller than me. He had brown hair and his eye color matched it. I considered him to be fairly attractive, but I was basically the only one who thought so.

"Hey, you want to run around in the prop room?" He asked casually.

I glanced toward the stage and looked back at him. Would anybody notice I was gone? "Sure."

I followed him into the prop room. The prop room, as the name suggested, is where we kept our mountains of props. I hadn't really ever been in that area, so I didn't really know what was back there. Once I took my first step through the doors, I became cold instantly. It had to be the coldest room in the school. Nonetheless, I walked farther inside.

Cyrus and I exchanged a few, brief words back and forth. Then, the light went out. I froze, and tried to think of how I could make it to the doors without tripping over anything. I had a whole path calculated in my head by the time the light flickered back on, which was only after a mere second. I looked over at Cyrus.

"Well, I found the other light switch," He said.

"Dammit Cyrus! You scared the shit out of me!" I exclaimed. I wasn't mad at him or anything, but the light going off really did frighten me.

At that moment, the projected voice of Mr. Lewis traveled to us, even through the prop room doors. He wanted the whole cast and crew to sit on the lip of the stage, otherwise known as the apron. Cyrus and I followed instructions, and we were separated in the process. I ended up sitting next to my friend Brooklyn Allen. She gave me a questioning look, but didn't say a word. I guessed that my disappearance had been noticed.

After a briefing from our amazing teacher, we were dismissed and the kids in my grade were off to lunch. We only had half an hour, which I thought was stupid, but I didn't want to complain. I went outside without eating because I wasn't hungry, only to find that I was the only one. I waited for someone to talk to, but that took a few minutes. Finally, Kimberly Larson and Daniel McKinney from my drama class turned the corner. I went over to them and struck up conversation.

"Did you guys know the prop room is freezing cold?" I asked.

"What were you doing back there?" Kimberly asked.

"Oh, I was just with Cyrus," I replied.

"Wow, a lot of dirty things just came to mind," She mentioned.

"What? I promise we weren't doing anything! It was completely innocent!" I said quickly.

"Well, it's a good thing you didn't go into the make out corner," She commented.

"There's a make out corner in the prop room?" I asked.

"Yeah, didn't you know that?" She wondered.

"I didn't know that. That's certainly not why I was back there with Cyrus. Besides, he has a girlfriend," I assured.

"Cyrus has a girlfriend?" She asked, seeming to be quite surprised.

"At least according to his Facebook page he does," I replied.

From there, the conversation turned into banter about other subjects that I didn't really pay attention to. I couldn't help but think about Kimberly's words. Had Cyrus taken me into the prop room for a make out session? No way! He wasn't like that. Kimberly just shouldn't have assumed such a thing. The most appalling part of all though was when I actually pictured making out with Cyrus. Stupid teenage hormones.

When my female friends finally appeared outside, I knew I had to tell them about what had just taken place. I told Brooklyn first, and then my other 3 chick friends, Leslie Nelson, Lynn Robinson and Abigail Jensen. Each one of them laughed at the story and essentially said they couldn't see why anybody would want to make out with Cyrus. The image of making out with the boy was still fresh in my mind, and so I gently pointed out that he wasn't the worst looking guy at our school.

Soon after that, the lunch period ended and I headed to my 4th hour class, but I kept thinking about the prop room. The only thing I knew was that Cyrus shouldn't find out about what Kimberly said; for fear that it would ruin our friendship. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of whole new kind of adventure than I was used to.