She walked up to me and smiled
a smile unlike others
warm, sincere, honest
and I had never seen her before.

With a small nod of my head
and a bit of a sideway smirk,
yet trying to convey my upmost courtesy,
I continued to walk away.

It was with a quick pull on my jacket
that I was once again confronted by this girl
but now lowered to her eye level.

Her face was still warm and embracing
but she had a certain kind of determination this time.

She stared into my orbs with her vibrant green haze
peering into my soul
as if she was attempting to salvage a part of my dying existence
to which I knew nothing of.

Memorized by her eye movements
I continued to wonder why this girl wanted my attention so badly
for I had nothing to give
nothing to buy
I was nothing to anyone

It was then that she drew herself mere inches from my face
giving one last looks for who knows what reason
and I, baffled by her bold and strange moves,
was immobilized

She smiled from ear to ear
and followed by an innocent chuckle
she whispered in my ear
that she wanted to be my friend

It was then that she disappeared
vanished like distant waves on the seashore
and was never to be found again