I would love to be a zombie.
A creature of rotting flesh
and broken bones
that scares little children
from about five blocks away

To be able to see all the so called zombie fighters
cry and scream
running away at the very sight of me

No more doctor visits
no more injections and vaccination in my arms
no more running on the track to clock my fastest speed
no more, no more

Mirrors will crack when I look
the floor board would no longer squeak when walked upon
the streetlights will instantly be burnt out
all because of the fear that would be me

A ghoul that ravages convenience stores for goods
occasionally read the paper
and possibly play the lotto every once and a while

I would know for sure that for prom I wouldn't need to wear a dress
for I highly doubt that anyone would care
(at least the ones who still would be there)

I could instantly clear out a crowded room
get rid of all of that awkward silence in a flash
my presence would be know
and people would just vanish
leaving me all alone

And the day that I,
the one and only zombie,
walk on a wide open street,
the bright red laser will then
be pointed at my head.

For all the sweet and utter bliss that I would enjoy,
being a zombie is definitely the way to go.