The gaunt figure stepped softly into the room, a bag carefully held against his chest. He crossed the immaculately cleaned and furnished room as if by memory alone; all the while clutching the bag to him as he made his way to a little desk covered with tenderly developed pictures which he smiled at friendlily.

He sat the bag down and opened it gingerly; removing its many objects as if they were living jewels that would crumble and dissipate if he did not take the utmost care in their arrangement. He turned then to the figure next to him and softly kissed its cheek. He began to speak.

"My love how long has it been since first I laid eyes on you? You were so bright and full of life as I recall, enjoying your cup as much as you enjoyed life. " He began his work preparing his many treasures won from a hard night's search. "How I used to gaze at you and wonder of all the marvels of your mind, your quick wit and charitable laugh. You practically burst with allure and tender innocence." he chuckled quietly and seemed to draw back a moment to relish the memory.

" I too wonder what you saw in me that first time, when I knew I'd never be able to part from you. Even when you screamed at me and we fought as all humans do, fought for what we thought we needed. Oh but you were so calm and quiet after that, that first and last quarrel. How you hung in my arms as I stroked your hair and called sweetly to you. I remember you had ribbons then, they spilled into your face and flowed about your closed eyes. You looked so peaceful that night, much as you do now my dear. So much like you did then. " He took to hand a pair of small scissors that snipped and snapped at flimsy plastic as he went on.

"What color were they? I know they were red but it was a red I had not ever held or cherished before. Oh how they shimmered and seemed to flow on forever. Twisting and turning through my fingers. Though I can't recall how they came to be in my hands though I remember holding them to my face, feeling them run across my skin so lush and warm. They smelled of you dear. They spoke vastly of your life these simple things." he turned fully to the figure taking the plastic bags in hand. "I know all your ribbons have long since gone my Love, but I brought you someone else's." he seemed to wait for a reproach at this admission though none came, none ever did.

"Oh trust me love they don't need them anymore." he reassured after a few long moments, finally upending the bag till its sluggish contents slipped out and down over the figure's drawn face. He pressed his face to the cold and terribly dried hand. Rubbing the newly dripping liquid through his fingers in amazement. "Such pretty ribbons."