I Love U

Rated: M

Introduction: "I love you" was the last words she said before the stake when through her. It was pointed out from her heart so there was no possible way I could have saved her. She now laid dead in my arms, not ever going to wake again.

Chapter 1: Little Witch

I was listening to music when strong arms arms came around me and pulled me out of my bed, embracing me tightly. I looked up to see my best friend Jaeger staring down at me with a smile. I smiled back giving him a hug than whacking him in the arm for trying to scare me like that.

"Hey Jaeger" I said said sitting back down.

"Hey, thought I would stop by to see how things were before I went on a date with my girlfriend" He said and right as he mentioned the last part my nose curled up into disgust. "There is nothing wrong with her" He said when he seen the look on me face.

"That's what you think but I am going to keep to my opinion that she is a nasty little witch" I snickered and Jaeger rolled his eye's but didn't make an attempt to argue with me.

"Can't you just get along with her for just one second" He pleaded but I shook his head.

"Jaeger don't push you limits, get lucky I don't rip her throat out when she comes over to get you for your little dates" I stated and added "Speaking of those ever since you started dating her you have canceled a lot of things on me and because of that your grade could be failing but I keep them up for you"

"Yes I know and I am great full for that but for once my mom isn't arguing about who I am dating and everyone is getting along" He said but there was no smile.

"I understand that but where in that is when you get to be happy?" I asked "You know you aren't happy with her as you could be and I can see it on you face so don't even start on me"

"I know but I am just tired of the arguing" He sighed

"And you need a girl worth fighting for, one where you don't care how much drama there is because you love her enough to deal with it" I pointed out.

"And when did you become good with relationship advice, you have never really dated anyone before" He laughed and I eyed him.

"Of course I have, I dated that guy Zack but you didn't notice because you were off with your girlfriend" I said turning away and I heard him groan than he reached over grabbing my arm lightly. "You would know more about me if you even cared Jaeger, but your so blinded by your fake relationship to care"

He pulled back a little surprised and was about to say something to defend himself but was cut off by the knock of the door and for once I was glad his girlfriend was coming to get him. I stood up and walked out of my room with not much of a second glance at Jaeger and made my way down our stone stairs that spiraled all the way down to the main floor. When I got down I answered the door and sure enough it was his girlfriend Victoria.

"Hi, is Jaeger here?" She asked making a disgusted look at me.

"Why don't you aim that look at yourself, you remind me of something that crawled out the trash can" I sneered and she gasp grabbing her chest. I let out a smirk and said "This is my house, my yard, so if you want to be able to walk on it to get to you little boyfriend than respect the owner of the place" I sneered

"Now, now Silver is there a need to be harsh" Said Jaeger coming down the stairs and slipping his coat on before joining his girlfriend outside.

"Fix you girlfriends face or I will fix it for her" I snapped before shutting the door and running up the steps to my room where I locked the door to my room.

I laid across my bed, face first into the pillow and just sobbed. It wasn't the first time me and Jaeger had started fighting about his new girlfriend but each time it got more gruesome. I hated how we seemed to grow apart every day just because of that little witch. If it was up to me she wouldn't even be near him and he would be all mine but I guess things happen for a reason. I sighed as I heard my cell phone go off and I went to answer it, it was my other half Cleo wondering if I was OK.

No one knew that I had a twin unless they were really close to me. Cleo and I looked exactly alike but in our separated lives we changed our looks so there was no resemblance. It wasn't hard to make each other look alike again but we each had our different likes. In my own world I had split it to share with her because I loved her and wanted her to be a part of my life and that was the only way. Even though we were siblings we never fought but were really close. The world I made was the only way I could talk to her because most of the time she was to far away with my mom who had left me and my dad behind. I had met up with her this past summer when her and our mom came on vacation and ever since then we were inseparable. She could feel what I feel and it was the same with me, it had been weird in that way but now we knew each others feeling but never each other thoughts which I thanked god for. There were a lot of people that didn't know about us because we used each other in case there needed to be two of us at one time. That's why I hadn't told Jaeger, because he was worthy enough in our book to tell him the truth.

I messaged my sister back and told her to use the portal and meet me at my world. I laid there on my bed and after a few seconds she answered and OK. I sighed and sat up walking over to a drawer where I pulled out a single mirror that was special to me. With a simple word from my strange language it became and easy portal for me to enter so I stepped into the darkness of what I had created, my soul. That was also a reason I made Cleo a part, it was because she could brighten it up in ways no one else could.

"Silver are you OK?" came her perky voice from behind me. I turned to see her making her way down a flight of fluffy stairs than she hopped down and ran over to me.

Unlike me Cleo had long blonde hair that fell past her knees and were in tight curls that seemed to bounce with her every movement. She was very thin like my but she had some color to her face making her cheeks nice and rosy red while mine were pale as paper. She always wore the color yellow and her voice reminded me of a lullaby. She had emerald green eye's that sparkled like no other and a cute little nose that fit her face perfectly. When most people looked at my sister they were reminded of an angel.

"I don't know but I got into another fight with Jaeger about his girlfriend" I said and she gasp her expression became saddened. "They keep getting worse and I think I am going to end up losing him, like I have lost him in my other past lives" I said

"O Silver please don't think like that, Jaeger really does think highly of you and it would surprise me if it did happen" She said coming over and giving me one of her giant teddy bear hugs. I hugged her back and felt a little better.

"Thanks Jessica, but you can't tell the future...well unless your Dona or Jasmine you can't" I said and we both laughed.

"Come on, I will go make us some tea and we can have some cookies or even some different flavored fruits" She squealed taking my hand in hers and running toward her fluffy stairs with me dragging behind with her.

We made it to her house and we had exactly what she said we would have after a little debate about the side snack. She was always so funny when I came to visit her that there was no possible way you could keep from smiling. There was not one day she couldn't be happy about even if the worst possible thing happened, she would find something good about it. After I got done at her house it was late so we both had to go and by the time I got home my dad had just got back from work.

"Silver darling I am home" He yelled up the stairs and I came running down to see him with some extra stuff Cleo sent me off with. "Well I know who you went to see" He smiled taking some of the left overs.

"Yes, I was having a bad day" I stated

"Jaeger again?" He asked and I nodded so he set down his stuff and gave me a giant fatherly hug "Am I aloud to kick his butt yet?"

"No not yet" I giggles kissing my dad on the nose than heading up stairs where I thought I could be alone but was I way wrong.

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