Chapter 2: Kept Secrets

I laid there on my bed, that empty part seeming to over throw everything and remind me how alone I was in this world. I felt hollow like no one really cared and that no matter what I did I could not prove myself to anyone. Of course there were people who actually cared and didn't think I was a freak but those were the people who had grown up with me and seen what I had gone through but for now it felt like I was the different person from everyone else in the world and maybe I was.

I sat up and walked to the bathroom where I pulled out a simple knife. This knife had been my friend for a long time and it had helped me feel a little better but not look any better. My friends and family seen what I had done to myself but none of them said a word to stop because they were afraid I would end it all. I sat down on the edge of the bed putting the blade to my wrist, I closed my eye's and looked away before cutting in three deep lines across my arm. I set the bloody blade down and just sat there feeling the blood ooze down my hand and for a puddle. It was nice and warm but was cut short when I heard my dad answer the door and a familiar voice.

"Hey, is Silver here?" Asked Jaeger

"Yeah she is up stairs" I heard my dad say with not even a hint of expression. I didn't wait any longer, I got up and grabbed a towel cleaning up the blood on the floor that going into the bathroom and washing the blood of my wrist and hand. I than reached for the bandages and tape and wrapped my wrist before going into my room to be greeted by Jaeger.

"Hey Silver" He said and I hid my wrist behind my back and leaned against the wall so it wasn't to noticeable and also because I was a little light headed.

"What are you doing here, usually your little girlfriends dates last way longer than this" I snickered and he raised his eyebrow at me but refused to argue so he said something different.

"She cut it short so she could go to the mall with some of her friends, and I decided to come here and see how you were" He replied "You were really upset earlier and I was worried you were still mad at me"

"Well yes I am mad at you" I said and looked away.

"That's what I thought" He said walking up to me and tried to make me look at him but I kept trying to look the other way and soon enough he was fed up that he took my face in his hands and made me look at him. "Would you please listen to me" he pleaded

"Why so you can just turn around and go off with your girlfriend again and maybe even forget that I even existed" I snickered and I must have pulled a string because hurt spread across his face.

"S-Silver I would never" He said embracing me in a tight hug and kissing me on my forehead making me blush a deep red. I pushed him away, hiding my face.

"Stop it!" I cried, "You're making me blush!"

Peeking between my fingers, I saw Jaeger smirk slowly at me. My eyes grew wide. Chuckling darkly, Jaeger launched himself towards me, his arms wrapping tightly around my waist. I squealed and tried to push him away, but he resisted, and as a result fell back onto the bed. I looked down at the boy beneath me and stifled a mew that threatened to escape my throat. Jaeger regained his composure before I did and flipped me onto my back, pinning my arms above my head and smirking.

"I win," he stated smugly. Mind racing and skin burning at his touch, trying not to whine at the pain from his hand on my wrist, I acted on instinct, lifting my right leg and slinging it around his waist, catching him off-guard and flipping him over onto his back. I smiled; I was once again in control. I put my knees on either side of his hips, closing them tightly so he couldn't move his legs, pinning his wrists at his sides. I leaned down towards his face smirking. I was about to comment on my victory when...

...I must have lost my balance, I decided. I fell forward, and my lips came into a burning contact with Jaeger's. He gave a muffled cry of surprise, his eyes widening, as did mine. I broke away before long. Standing up and backing towards the door, I repeatedly mumbled "sorry," cheeks burning and obviously red. Finally, before Jaeger could comment, I bolted out the door and into the bathroom, locking that door tightly behind me. I looked in the mirror.

My eyes were huge, my cheeks were the brightest red I'd ever imagined, let alone seen. Putting the toilet lid down, I sat on it with my head in my hands. It wasn't long before I heard Jaeger's voice coaxing me to open the door and let him come in.

"Silver please" He begged but made no move to or even answer him for that matter. Finally, I heard him give a heavy sigh and slide down the door. "Silver, I am begging you please open the door, I don't want this awkward moment to tear us apart" He pleaded.

That's what had gotten me and I couldn't help but find myself going to the door and unlatching it. When I opened it Jaeger came crashing, catching himself before he hit his head on the tiled floor. He quickly picked himself up and looked over at me. I was moving toward the wall when he grabbed my arm pulling me back toward him. His touch left a burning sensation on my skin.

"J-Jaeger" I began but was was cut off when he pulled me into a deep passionate kiss that I had not been expecting before. I pulled away at first but was unable to because Jaeger had laced his fingers through my hair pressing up against my head. Finally when he pulled away we were both gasping for air.

"I had to return something to you" He mumbled before turning away and making his way back toward the bedroom. When I walked in I seen him sitting on the bed staring down out the floor. His arms were hanging limp from his knees and in a trance of his own.

"Jaeger" I began and in an instance his head popped up and his eyes met mine but when I looked deep into them there was something that hadn't been there before. It was like he had come to a realization but that was soon cut off by my dad's voice echoing up the hall way. I quickly looked away and walked to the hall to see what he wanted.

"Yes dad?" I called out and see the tip of his head appear up.

"Another meeting I am going to be gone about, eh maybe a week...can you survive without me?" He asked and I nodded than he went up to his room where he was packing up some of his cloths.

I turned back to Jaeger who had looked out the window and was doing as much as possible to avoid my gaze. I couldn't help but wonder what he could possible be thinking at a time like this but I didn't let it bother me to long. My dad was about to leave meaning Jaeger needed to go with him since he was a boy and my dad preferred not to have boys in my room when he was gone.

"Jaeger, you need to go" I said and he looked up at me with that boyish face of his but than realized what I meant and nodded understandingly. "I am sorry" I mumbled but he pushed it aside and leaned down kissing my cheek but barely missing my lips.

When he was gone I let myself slide down the wall and wrap my arms around my knees, holding them tightly up against my chest while I hid my head in them. The sensation of his lips on mine left them with a tingly feeling that made me grin when I thought about it. I wondered what was going to happen if his girlfriend ever found out he had kissed me. I than realized my thought and changed them before I got to into it. I than stood up and went to lay on my bed, closing my eyes u drifted into a deep but restless sleep.

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