I had this idea for a while, a long while. Since the middle of the first semester in 8th grade…3rd quarter is about to end…I'm ashamed. It took me a long time to find out what to call this story, but now I thought of a good name, so now I can write it. It was originally going to be called "School of Laments" but I thought (and my friend) it was too dark, so I changed it to something not so harsh :P

Enough about my blabbering, I hope you enjoy.

The cloudy day didn't allow any sunlight get through. A silver car drove silently through the streets. The small pools of water from the rain were disturbed when the car passed through them, splashing onto the sidewalks.

At last, the silver car reached its destination; a small 2 story house. It drove onto the driveway and parked. Two people got off. A young woman, around her late twenties, helped a little girl climb off.

The girl had dark, chocolate brown hair, and her eyes were pale grey. Amazingly, her eyes were the type to reflect the colors around her. Today they were grey from the dark clouds above her.

She carried a large rolling backpack holding all of her clothes. Her regular backpack carried her valuables, while her small suitcase held the dearest pack of it all: her music box. Her mother had made it for her one day, and she refused to let it go. A small black bird necklace hung on her neck and showed on her light purple shirt. Her jeans were short enough to show her tennis shoes, which were white despite the darkness.

It all happened so fast. Just a week ago, her parents drove off for a visit to the girl's grandparents. "We'll be back soon Ellivia," the girl's mother said. But it turned out to be a lie? They had gotten into an accident, which killed them. Now, Ellivia was to adopt her niece, Samantha.

Ellivia opened her house's front door and watched as young Samantha dragged her belongings in. Inside, her son Cole hurried to the door. His dark brown hair looked black in the house's darkness. Cole's dark blue shirt and jeans were the only color that allowed him to be seen. He was even more anxious than ever since his aunt and uncle were killed. "You're back!" he cried excitedly. The six year old bounced to his mother and greeted her with a hug. He looked at his cousin.

"Are you okay?" he asked awkwardly.

Samantha nodded silently.

"Why don't you show her up to her room," Ellivia suggested.

"Okay," Cole said. He led Samantha up the stairs and disappeared into a small room immediately upstairs.

Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry about your parents. I promise I'll protect you like a real parent should.

And that's the end of chapter one :D Did you like it? Tell me by reviewing or commenting. Also, if you're wondering where I got the name, it's a lyric from a song. Silence by Assemblage 23. Though it's a really hate-filled song…dunno if you want to hear it O.o

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