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Cole and Jake continued running through the night. They arrived to where Kat, Samantha, and Amber were waiting. "Welcome back," Samantha remarked. She was still lying down on the bench, but she seemed to have recovered a little from the collapse.

"What happened?" Amber asked curiously.

Jake looked down in shame. "I…killed her…" he said quietly.


"I killed Kimberly…I didn't want to. She fell out of the tree and hit her head on one of the branches. She died from the fall."

Amber stood still for a little while, then she stepped up and hugged him. "It's okay," she said. "It wasn't your fault. She fell out of the tree that's all. You never meant for her to lose her balance."

Jake hugged her back. His expression was unfocused, as if he was trailing off.

Samantha began to stand up. "Sorry if this is a dramatic moment guys," she said. "but we kinda have to get out of here. If we're found here, we're in big trouble. The school was evacuated and all so…"

Cole thought of Beverly. Samantha had convinced herself that this was all her fault. It wasn't, but he knew that if Beverly isn't stopped, she'll only attack again, alone if she has to.

"You guys go on ahead," he said quietly. The others looked at him with utter confusion.

"What? Leave you here alone? No!"

"I've got to stop Beverly. If we don't, she'll keep this up and then she'll attack again." He pointed to his head. "Criminal logic."

"If Beverly doesn't get caught…" Kat put in casually.

Cole shook his head. "It doesn't matter. Who knows what will happen. We've got to stop Beverly."

Samantha began to stand up, using the bench to support her. "I'll go with you," she volunteered.

Amber pushed her back down. "No, you're still hurt. You have to stay here," Cole said.


"No 'buts' Stay here." He paused for a moment. "Better yet, you guys get out. It's too dangerous."

"Why would we leave you here alone?" Kat asked.

"Because Jake got trapped in the cafeteria and Sam was crushed by the collapse. I don't want you hurt more; especially not you Kat."

There was a moment of silence, but at last, Kat walked up to Cole and pulled him into an embrace. "You're brave," she said softly into his ear. "I respect that. Just please, please, be careful"

"I will," he whispered back. She pulled from him and walked back.

"Come on guys, the leader spoke. We should get going now," she instructed.

Jake turned to him. "You're really doing this?" he asked.

"Yes. The police won't suspect her at all so it's best if we catch her now before her next attack, which may or may not be more violent than this."

Jake clapped him on the back. "You little fool," he said. They shook their secret handshake and Jake turned to follow Kat. "I'll be waiting for you. You better get out of the school soon."

Amber gazed at him with her bright eyes. She dipped her head in silent gratitude and followed the other three. Samantha staggered to her feet and limped towards Cole. "You'd better get yourself out safely," she warned. "If not, I'll tear you to pieces."

Cole huffed. "You'd better be careful too Sammy," he retorted.

She punched him on the arm and limped off. "Thanks for saving me," she said as she turned her head to face him. "I owe you one."

With that, she turned back and limped quickly to catch up with the other three who had stopped to wait. Cole waited for them to leave, before turning to the dormitories, the only place Beverly can hide.


Cole hesitated when he arrived at the girl's dormitories. He partly didn't want to go in but the fact that he knew Beverly is hiding in there made him push open the door. At first he felt slight fear in case something will pop out, but as he entered completely and closed the door, he felt a strong sense of bravery.

As soon as he closed the door behind him, everything went deathly quiet. No one was in sight, but he had a strong feeling that anything could be lurking in the shadows of the dorm. He walked up the stairs carefully; making sure no one came out behind him. As he reached the 7th floor, a strange noise came from the rooftop. It sounded much like a thud. He felt heat from behind him and he turned his head back. Immediately, he saw fire and smoke, burning the dormitory without mercy.

No! Please don't collapse on me, he thought. A tragedy at this time is the last thing he would need.

Suddenly, a loud growl startled him.

"You'll have to go through me to escape this flame," Beverly said. She was waiting on the corner, glaring at him with her fierce, cold eyes. She smirked and disappeared up the stairs.

Cole struggled through the fire and smoke. This was his only chance, he had to do this correctly. There may not be another chance. He jumped over the flames and barrel rolled on the ground, shaking off a flame that had gotten onto his shirt.

Great! Mom's going to make me go shopping again…

He quickly brushed off the ash and followed Beverly up the stairs and into the rooftop.

Beverly sat alone, watching the night in a large platform. Without turning back to look at Cole, she spoke with the coldest voice he'd ever heard. "So you managed to beat off my lackies huh? You and your friends there…but they didn't manage to beat me. They were too "hurt" to face me, even now."

She turned to look at him, her eyes blazing. "Well if you think you will escape me, you're wrong. The building will collapse soon and if one of us go down, the other will go with them."

"You never know what the others are planning Beverloss," Cole flashed back. "but I told them to get the police. They should be here any moment now."

"Well they'll turn out late." Beverly reached down and grabbed out a sharp knife. Cole stepped back. He came here without a weapon, now what? He looked around and spotted a sharp metal pipe on the ground. Quickly, he dropped to his knees and rolled towards it. He grabbed it and raised it up threateningly in the air.

"Come at me," he taunted.

"Challenge accepted." She smirked and leaped at him. He used the pipe to block the strike of the knife. She aimed a kick at his side and he pushed her back with the pipe.

As soon as she stumbled backwards, he managed to hit her on the leg with the pipe, making her fall onto the ground.

"Traumatizing my friend, injuring my cousin, aiming to kill many students…you've gone too far. I'll put you to the end, even if it send me to somewhere negative." He raised the bar above his head and aimed at hers. She only sniggered.

"Now, now, do you really want to kill and possibly go to hell? What will your parents think of this?" she said with a sly, cold tone.

Shocked on what he was doing, Cole froze on his track. As soon as she had the chance, she kicked him in the shin and made him fall to the ground in pain. She quickly stood up and walked towards the edge.

"It's too late to turn back now, there's no stopping whatever is to happen. Surely the police won't give me a chance. Now I have to do what every criminal does…"

Cole struggled up. "Wait, what are you doing? Are you too scared to fight me?"

She looked back, her eyes demented and her mouth smiling with pride. "It's not that I'm scared. My plan has failed, but there's one thing that I managed to do. Trauma: you've witnessed friends getting hurt. One of them has been psychologically traumatized by seeing Kimberly, the other might never walk again."

Shock made him gap his mouth. What did she just say?

I hope you've enjoyed this little scene, the fires will eat you soon. She turned and looked down at the bottom, then disappeared as she leaped.


Beverly watched as the ground was nearing her. Her plan failed, there's no going back. She'd screwed up her life uselessly. If only she had given more pain, like the pain she felt when everyone targeted her? She closed her eyes, feeling a slight tear fall with her.

I'm sorry Kimberly, for letting them kill you. And sorry Jade, for dragging you into this. I know you never wanted this…And Samantha…you traitor deserved what you did. Goodbye…I'll be coming. Now


Cole looked down in terror as Beverly slipped off the rooftop. He cringed when he heard the thud of her landing body. Too shocked to move, he fell onto his knees, his eyes wide with horror.

Behind him, he heard crackling from the flames about to reach the rooftop. It was only a matter of time before the fire will engulf the building and let it collapse. It was already blocking the exit, now what is he going to do.

From the right side of the corner, he heard sirens. He climbed back to his feet and looked down to see firetrucks parked. Some of them were squirting water, trying to calm down the fire, one of them was rising its ladder with a firefighter on top.

"Are you okay kid?" he asked.

Cole backed away. "I'm fine…I guess…" he murmured.

"Get over here, we're here to save you from the flames."

Cole looked at the side where Beverly had fallen and climbed onto the platform next to the firefighter. The ladder slowly descended and at last, they reached the bottom. The firefighter covered him with a cloak and made him sit down in one of the firetrucks. He disappeared and them reappeared with a cup of water.

Kat arrived shortly after. "Thank god you're okay," she said as she threw herself onto him. He hugged her back, wanting some comfort for what he had just seen. He said nothing, but after they pulled apart, he finally spoke. "When did the firefighters get here?" he asked.

"The principal saw the smoke coming from the building. It was then when we arrived to where the students evacuated to. Obviously the principal had questions, so we had to answer. When he heard that a student was trapped in here, he immediately rushed to the phone and dialed 911."

Cole laughed softly. "It's nice to know the principal cares about students. He's so strict it seems he hates us."

Kat sat next to him and put her arm around his shoulder. "The ambulance should be here soon. You might not be that hurt, but the principal insisted you get checked."

"Alright, I guess I can live with that…"

The two exchanged glances and then turned to look at the fire being put out. The smoke calmed and the fire was reduced to a small wavering light.

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