Well here it is, the last chapter c: This story has gone through so much :'3 seriously, I still have the rough draft of what was going to happen in my head. Some things were better being dropped off, but thinking back, there were some things that could've made the story interesting. So read on for the final chapter :3

Several days passed as Cole recovered from the fight. Jake seemed to have gotten over his fight with Kimberly, but Cole felt what Beverly had said was a threat of something that will follow him throughout his life.

"My plan has failed, but there's one thing that I managed to do. Trauma…"

What did she plan to do? He thought. He sat in his chair, thinking for a moment. Then he heard a familiar voice behind him. "Hey Cole, your mom's here," she said. He turned around and saw Samantha. She was covered with bandages and the scar on her cheek was healing..

Cole grabbed his heavy suitcase and stood up. "Let's go then," he said. Samantha turned and limped, leading him to where his mother's car was parked.

As soon as she saw him, Ellivia stepped out of her car and ran up to him. She hugged him, tears running down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry," she said silently. "If only I hadn't been so selfish. If only I still found a way to take care of you, this would've never happened. Not to you."

"Mom, it's okay," Cole protested. "I'm okay." She pulled away and looked at his wounds. "You sure? You're covered by scratches."

"I've been worse, I'll be okay, don't worry."

She smiled at him, then turned her head to Samantha who was watching the scene with an awkward expression. "I'm so sorry. I promised myself you wouldn't get hurt, not while I'm in charge of you, but look at you. You're limping and you have scars and scratches covering you."

"I'm fine," she said sarcastically. "Just recovering from a roof falling on my head that's all…oh wait; I forgot about a girl aiming a knife at me." Ellivia sniffled sadly and moved to hug her. Samantha flinched as Ellivia touched one of her gashes, but she smiled painfully.

Ellivia pulled away and smiled at her. "Well, we'll be leaving soon. Have you said goodbye to all of your friends?" She asked Cole.

Cole shook his head. He walked back to find Kat, but to his surprise, she wasn't around. He looked around and spotted her where they would hang out. "Hey," he greeted, walking up to her. She looked back to him.

"Oh hey," she greeted back, smiling. He sat down next to her.

"You ready to go back home?"

"Yeah, I'll miss this place though. But an incident is an incident, we have to go back."

"I'll miss you too though, but we can text each other and even meet up occasionally."

"Right. So your mother came to pick you up?"

"Yeah, she's waiting for me to get back to the car."

"You should go, before she gets impatient."

"Oh okay then. I'll miss you." He pulled her to him and held her in an embrace. They stood there for several moments, and when they pulled apart, Kat leaned up and kissed him. Cole felt happiness spread through his body, warming him.

After they pulled away, Cole turned and walked back to the car. He looked back, and he saw her standing by herself, waving at him. Her hair blowing softly in the wind. He smiled, then turned and ran.

As he walked back to his mother's car, he noticed Amber talking to two little boys, younger than her. "Hey Amber," he greeted.

Amber pulled her eyes away from the two younger boys. "Oh hey there Cole, I was just talking to my brothers. James, Jonathan. Guys, meet Cole, the one who saved our school."

"Oh so you're the crazy one who nearly feel off the building…" One of them said, his face filled with awe.

Cole only chuckled. "Uh yeah, I guess you can call me crazy. And who might you be?" he asked confused on who is who.

"I'm James." He said.

"And I'm Jonathan," said the other. Cole nodded in understanding. He looked at Amber. "Where's Jake?" he asked.

Amber looked around. "I haven't seen him for a while. Maybe he's-" she was broken off when a familiar person snuck up behind her and pushed her to the side.

"Finally you saw me, you took forever to notice I was coming after you."

The twins were snickering while Amber glared at him angrily. "You jerk," she hissed. Her glare softened to a smile and she punched Jake in the shoulder.

"Well see you around then Amber, I've got to go." He said, turning to Amber. He looked at Jake. "See you around too." He said. The two exchanged their secret handshake and Cole split.

He left the two and walked back to his mother's car. Samantha was already helping her pack up the bags. "What took you so long?" she asked when she spotted him.

"I stopped to say goodbye to Kat, Amber, and Jake."

Samantha nodded and limped over to the back seat door. Ellivia hurried over and stopped her before she did anything. "Before you go in, I brought you someone who will greet you with will."

She climbed into the front seat and came out with a familiar cage. Samantha lifter her head up in happiness. "Blizzard!" she greeted. The bird seemed to have recognized her voice and tweeted happily.

"Thanks Aunt Ellivia," Samantha said gratefully and climbed into the car. Cole moved up and sat in the passenger seat. Ellivia was the last one to get in and she started the car.

Relief watched over Cole as they pulled away from the driveway in the school. The year was almost over, but due to the incident, they were sent home early. The struggles were lifted. All year long, Samantha was having a constant battle with who she is. Cole met the best girlfriend he could find and Jake found something else to love other than food. It all happened in one year.

He looked out of the window and stared out at the moving environment. After those constant struggles, there's rest at last. He won, and that was all that mattered. He looked back at Samantha, who seemed to have fallen asleep, Blizzard by her side. He suddenly realized how tired he was. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, on his way home.

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