Dear God, you've never really been fair to me.

You've taken away everybody I was ever attached to.

But today I'm bowing my head down, you see.

Today I really need to ask for something from you.

Dear God, you know he means the world to me.

And he's such a good guy; he gave my life a meaning.

So I'm asking you to protect him, God, please.

I really think he deserves the best in everything.

Dear God, we don't want or need luxury.

We don't need all the money and fancy materials.

We're simple people who want to be happy.

We just want enough to live with, just above trivial.

Please God; this is a wife's prayer.

Please be kind, please don't hurt him anymore.

That's the only thing about which I care.

I'm asking you to protect him, from my core.

Cause I think he's struggled enough,

And I can vow with all my love,

That he has a golden heart that's rare in this day and age.

He's a simple guy in a complex world, stuck at centre stage

Of all the drama and all the little troubles.

Can't you do this to somebody else?

Not him, not us, be a God, not a slayer.

This is a wife's prayer.