The woman of the hearts had a shiny sword. With that shiny sword she slays everything on her path. Merciless she kills all the people with that sword. Till someone pierced her with her own sword.

The man of the spades held his gun against the head of the woman of the hearts. While singing with his beautiful voice he pressed the gun harder onto the blood red locks. Admired by the song he got shot by his own mad world.

The girl of the clovers was the princess of wonderland. Happily she walked through her own world till the darkness got up to her. Together with the darkness the whole country died slowly. Without knowing the girl of the clovers got eaten by the poison.

Next came the twins of the diamonds. The brave twin sister and the intelligent twin brother of diamonds. Together they explored the newly formed wonderland. Only the braveness of the twin sister got in the way that's why she got found dead in the arms of her own twin brother.

When the twin brother of the diamonds finally realized his deeds he started to cry because of that the joker got at the scene. With his cunning smile he took care of the boy sweetly. The diamond brother started to trust him but with that heart warming action the joker's cruel trump card got triggered. Whole wonderland got swept away and the joker got everything with his never lasting smile.