The puzzle

Miss Smith loved playing games. Playing cards, a nice family game, word games or if she was alone she would make a puzzle or try to test her brain with something difficult like a Sudoku.

When her man died she didn't have anyone to play with anymore so she started to make all the puzzles that she had at home. Till there wasn't any one left.

"I'll go to the shop later for another puzzle." Miss Smith told her daughter through the phone.

"But mom isn't it better to look for another hobby? Your whole living room is full of those puzzles. Why not go to an elder meeting? You'll meet some new people." Her daughter said with concern in her voice.

"No I don't want to meet other people. They make me feel even more old." With a sigh miss Smith lay the phone down. Not even caring to say good bye to her only daughter.

With slowly steps she went to her living room. After closing the door to it she saw that it really was a mess.

"So she was right?" Her old voice cracked a little.

With a little sadness showing on her face , miss Smith made her way back to the kitchen to get some cleaning supplies. With a broom and a dust cloth she went back to the mess.

After an hour the whole place was neat again. Miss Smith had stacked the puzzle boxes up in a corner and swept the whole wooden floor. Only the messy closet was left to clean.

"This is sure hard." With a dust cloth miss Smith whipped all the dust away from the outside and put some puzzles from the ground on a pile.

"What's this?" She asked herself when she found an grey box in her closet. With a curious feeling she opened the box carefully.

"A puzzle." She whispered happily and stepped quickly to the table in the middle of the room and lay the box down.

"It doesn't have a picture of it on the box but that makes it more fun." Miss Smith old voice raised a bit with all the happiness she got.

With pleasure she started to make the puzzle.

When she was halfway the puzzle she saw that it was a picture of her own living room. It made her even more excitement so she just ignored the phone that was ringing in her dark hallway.

Miss Smith just loved this. She would now know how the whole puzzle would look like. It made her want to finish it quickly. Maybe she would stick it on a plate and put it on the wall. That would be beautiful.

When miss Smith finally finished she admired her work. It was her whole living room, it even had her on it. Sitting at the table, making a puzzle. Just like she was doing an hour ago.

"A present?"

But when she looked at it closely she saw through her window, a man standing outside. With a smile on his face he was looking at her puzzling. His whole body covered with a long coat. A knife stuck in his hand.

Miss Smith panicked at this and looked behind her through the window.

The last thing she heard was glass breaking and the haunting laugh of the man.