Her Final Breath

The waxing moonlight gleamed down on

The road the ice did sit upon

The night is pierced with thunderous crash

And then the sound of breaking glass

A car lies silent, upside down

Its broken pieces upon the ground

A man crawls from the twisted wreck

As he rubs his stiffened neck

His eyes go wide as he looks back

To where the car had left its track

Fear and terror grip him so

He sees her lying in the snow

He tries to rise but pain attacks

His broken leg with agony wracks

He crawls to where the girl does lie

Then seeing her, begins to cry

Her crimson life did paint the snow

But one look it took to know

His best friend's fate was surely sealed

Her grievous wound could not be healed

She turned her head and gazed at him

Her blue eyes filled beyond the brim

And as a tear ran down her face

A saddened smile did take its place

She knew her life was fading fast

And this goodbye would be there last

So much that they had planned to do

But now those hopes all fade from view

She said someday we'll meet again

Please hold me in your heart till then

She laid her head upon his chest

And gave to him her final breath