This Is Me.

Shiki was a quite short kid that was feared by everyone. He always knew when a teacher or student was going to die. Be a car accident, or medical problem, or murder. He always knew. The students knew when he is going to tell someone they are going to die, because he only drinks a carton of milk and no food. When lunch was halfway over he would search out the unknowing person, tell them how they will die, and tells them how or if it can be avoided. The teachers only think of it as a mental illness, in till it happens to them.

Do You Believe Me Now?

The bell rings and a stampede of hungry students run to the lunch room to get a spot in line. Half way through lunch, one of the students notices Shiki Agumi throwing away a carton of milk so he tells his friends. In less than a minute the whole lunch room is staring at Shiki as he walks out of the room to find the dying person and tell them the news.

Shiki walks into the front office. "Madam, do you know where Mrs. Reynolds is?"

"Shiki!" the lady swing up as if she had a gun to her back "Oh, I'm sorry, I do not know where she is right now."

"Can you tell me her room number?" the lady is now shaking

"Uh … Yes I can. It is room B108."

"Thank you, have a nice day."Shiki leaves the room and heads towards B hall.

"Bye. … Poor Mrs. Reynolds she was a wonderful teacher." The lady picks up her phone and calls the principle.

"Mrs. Reynolds? Are you in here?" Shiki says walking into the class room

"I'm in the closet! Who is it?"

"Shiki Agumi"

Mrs. Reynolds sticks her head out "… What do you need?"

Shiki has pity in his eyes "Do you wish to know?"

Mrs. Reynolds crosses her arms "That you think I will die"

Shiki shakes his head "No. Do you want to know what will kill you?"

"What are you talking about?" Mrs. Reynolds is getting aggravated

"I'm sorry I can save you ether"


"Do you want to know?"

Mrs. Reynolds look was skeptical "… Yes."

Shiki's eyes turn a light shade of gray almost white "You will die of a heart attack and there is no doctor that can save you."

"Why Do You Think That?" Not believing Shiki in the least bit

"It Is Because I Know."


"You were my favorite teacher. So, I'm sorry, but good bye." Shiki calmly leaves the room.

Three days later Mrs. Reynolds was found in her bathroom, the coroner said she died of a heart attack.

Shiki was walking down the hall when he heard some boys talking about him, so he hid behind the wall were the boys were.

"-did you hear?"

"That Shiki got it right yet again."


"I know scary"

"How are the teachers reacting now?"

"They are totally avoiding Shiki"

"So they believe in the 'death bringer' now."

A student walks by, "uh, hi Shiki."

The boys, Shiki was ease dropping on, heard "Holy shit, here he comes!"

"Dude, Run!" The boys ran off. Shiki walks out from behind the wall to where the boys were standing

"Why are you all scared of me?"