My name is Tekie and I am an Artisan.

My main job is to make weapons of the hunters to use to take down larger animals. I have to make weapons for the men to use when they go out to hunt the large and very dangerous animals.

To start I have others gather the toolkit I would need. Plus some large sticks, a large piece of ivory, animal hides, and plant fibers. I got to work scraping the wood to a sharp point on both ends. Also working the ivory down to be pointy like the moon is at times. As I work on the ivory, it becomes sharp at the inner side of the crescent. As I worked two places of the outer side of the ivory cracked. As I fixed the top it gave me an idea to give it the same ridged back like the harpoon point, so I started making the cracked areas sharp that I thought would be useful in inflicting a considerable amount of damage on the animal. So as I finished that, I needed to find a way to put it on the sharpened stick onto the ivory. I decided to add a notch, in the ivory, where I can strap the wood with an animal hide and plant fibers to keep the heavy ivory attached so the weapon does not fall apart. She wanted to give the handle a grip so it does not slip form any ones hand or make it harder to swing

When the weapon was complete I needed to test it to see if the weapon would be useful. As I conducted the test, I noticed that it had a considerable range when it is swung. One of the hunters, who's named was Draco, saw my new weapon and asked if I was done with it. Sense it was in the testing stage, I had him test the swing, he found it was easy enough to swing around. On the next hunting trip I told him test it against any large animal, but not to rely on it because it is not complete.

The hunting group was Draco, Julian, Ethan, Shiki, and, Tsuzuki. They were out on a buffalo hutting trip which Tekie said, "That would be great to check the new weapon against a large wild animal." While Draco was staking the prey, one of the buffalo heard him step on a dry branch. The buffalo charged at Draco and the rest of the hunters, the hunters went to raise their bows when Draco raised his weapon and brought it down on the buffalos head slicing its head in one blow.

When Draco got back he told Tekie how useful the weapon was in taking down a charging buffalo and how all of the other hunters said they need one too. So Tekie said that she will start making them all one as soon she tries out the weapon and gives it a name. She sent the hunters to get her ivory, some animal hides, plant fibers, and strong carve able sticks. While she placed the original on a rack in her place of work.

Now that she knew her new weapon worked, she was having the hunters collect her more supplies and she would be having it used during trips but she had a problem she need to give the weapon a name so she could give it out by name instead of guessing what was wanted by the hunter who wanted to buy the weapon. Her idea was to name it something that would never be forgotten. When the hunters came back later that day she told them the name she would give it the name "Scythe". From then on she was called Tekie of the Scythe.