Name of nation: Sether

Country Occupation: Thieves

Location: Secret Hiding Spot

Leader: Tekie Scythe

Government Officials: Draco Cross, Julian Night, Ethan Torch, Luna Moon, Elizabeth Simon, Kiron Cerberus, Shiki Agumi, Tsuzuki Kadosamori, Yami Usuratonkachi

Draft of Constitution: Our country agrees with Voltaire allowing people to have religious freedom. Men and woman have the right to vote. Our 'Government' will have major control over economic activity, like where to build walls to keep enemy nations out. We also are agreeing with Mary Wollstonecraft with women having rights, as the leader of this nation is a woman.


1) Obey the Thieves' Code.

2) Do not steal from thy neighbor but from thy neighboring country!

3) Never get caught stealing.

4) Don't leave evidence.

5) Never leave a witness.

6) Be wary of those around you.

7) Always up hold a thieves honor and tradition.

8) Train children in the art of thievery.

9) Put the Country first.

10) Make donations to help assassins keep non-thieves out.

If a thief does not know how to follow their own laws how will they follow mine? By stealing from a neighboring country you raise our country's worth and lower theirs. If you are caught it will lead back to your nation and they will know of us. If you leave evidence you may be convicted of you 'crime' and it will lead to 'them' learning of our location. If you leave a witness the can identify you, and later cause you problems. Others can betray you, and you should only trust people that share your wavelength. Don't steal from thieves, follow your thieves tradition, and steal why holding tightly on your honor (means you should not do thing that the country will not be proud of) also as it states in the thieves code "Your own prison you shall not make". To keep our line of thieves going we must train all children in out great art. My citizens need to understand that everything they do affects the country and they need to keep our location a secret and defend our country when needed, all citizens. Our Country will not stand to have people who do not understand our occupation will leave or die.