Blood Stone Pendent

Most scary stories start at eerie creaking old houses. They are full of psychopathic shadows and mass murderers chasing horny high scholars who often have sex in the back room. At this point they can hear their friend's blood curdling screams emanate from some part of the house. This high school pair is different. I will not reuse the same idea as most so often do. I want my story to show that love is forever lasting. Now please enjoy.

Looking beyond the veil of understanding lays the unknown. Many people can grow to accept that this is part of nature; some pretend it's not there, others just despise it. They hate these things that aren't the same as them. They want to kill these things they label monsters. One thing I find ironic is that most humans kill things they assume they will never understand. They hunt their "monsters".

These, so called, monsters sometimes take pity on the weaker kind that fall into horrible situations. My example is when a vampire does the unthinkable and saves the life of a witch. Unfortunately, instead of being praised for this action there is a fee. The vampire gets trapped in a blood stone pendent for the rest of your life. The only time you are let out of this cures is when a human is wearing the pendent on their neck.

The vampire that has this fate bestowed upon him this time is Draco Cross. He did the unthinkable and saved a witch from another vampire. To show her thanks after he changed into a cross, which she calls Crimson, to a "human" named Tekie Scythe. She is a young girl with a park mind and past.

After he is given to her he notices that she holds no fear for him. This makes him afraid of her. He wants to learn more so he sticks close ignoring his fear. He notices that she looks always depressed and is tempted to ask her about it. When he does all she tells him is that she is also cursed, but doesn't tell him her curse. That's when he starts snooping around.

Just being a vampire doesn't make him sneaky. The human he is trying to learn about is so secretive he finds it close to impossible. She is also smarter than him, and when she finds out he is "stalking" her she starts avoid him.

One day he decided to just confront her about it, and walked into her room. He walks in her room to find her cutting her wrist. Crimson liquid is pouring out of her pale white wrist. He presses his hand against the wound when she smiles and says, "Draco, this can't kill me."

He looks at her, not believing what she just dared to utter, and yells, "What are you talking about! You're a human! You have to stop the bleeding or you could die!"

She glares at him and says smugly, "No, I won't die. I'll live forever like the rest of my clan. We can't die by ways that kill normal humans. I will be just like my parents and live forever or kill myself, just like you and your curse."

His face distorts into something that resembles being hurt. "What's wrong with living forever?"

"What do you mean what's wrong with living forever? What will happen when I live too long, everyone I know is dead, and I want to die? Why should I go through that when I can end it now?"

Draco never thought of this idea before because he loved the idea of being hard to kill. Now that he knows that she can't die either that it would be fun, but she seems to hate the idea. Even with the fact that she will live longer than him did bother him. He liked that they could be friends and never having to depart. He thought he should say that when that time comes he will end her life for her if she so pleased, but thought better of it and decided not to say that to her. Instead he asked, without thinking, "Don't you like having me around?"

She did not skip a beat to turn to him and say, "No."

He was ready to yell up a storm when he gave up and said, close to tears, "If you do not want me around take off Crimson and melt it so I will die!" She was stunned and he ran our not giving her a chance to respond. She started to cry when she realized her mistake. Draco was the only one who could stand being around her, and that made him a great companion. Most people hated her the second they met her. Her parents weren't very fond of her witch is one reason she is so cruel to others.

She ran out to look for him, but because they weren't close she had no idea where to look. The only time they did anything together was when he made a "mess," and needed help to cover it up, clean it, or hide it. She knew she needs to find him before he did something rash.

The second she was out her gate she ran into someone who wished her death. She accidentally knocked him down and he glared at her. He yelled, "Go fall in a grave, and stay there!" She swung her fist at his face stopping directly in front of his nose. She smirked when he flinched, and walked away. He got up screaming demon. She just smiled grimly and thought how right he might be.

After a few hours of searching, she gave up, and when to a nearby cemetery. She went to her favorite tree, and heard soft snoring. She quickly glanced around then looked up. He was leaning up against the tree trunk. He looked as if he cried himself to sleep. Her remorse for what she said deepened. With much difficulty, she climbed up the tree and shook his shoulder. She scared him so bad he nearly fell out the tree.

He noticed his eyes were wet and his anger reformed. Turning to her he screamed "Why are you here? How did you find me?"

"One of the humans said, 'Go fall in a grave and stay there,' so I came here to think. I didn't expect to find you." She tried to keep her voice from breaking, but failed miserably.

"If you're done thinking, then leave!" Draco is still screaming

Tekie looks at him, "I'm sorry for what I said, I really am. I didn't think it would bother you that much."

"I don't care." Draco despairingly trying to blink back all his tears.

She could tell she was unwanted. She smiled sadly, "If you don't want me here I'll go." She leaned over to jump down when Draco grabbed her arm.

"No, please don't." His tears finally started falling.

"I made you cry, I'm sorry." Her head dropped down, her jet black hair obscuring her face from view as she started to cry. "Please forgive me."

Draco smirked, "Only if you help me find something to eat!" She looked up at him smiling insanely. "There are some stupid girls around the corner. Do you think anyone would miss three idiotic blonds?" She looks at him warily, "Are we good?"

He nods, not trusting his voice, with tears still on his face. He smiles and jumps down gracefully. He catches her with ease when she jumps. She grabs his hand, knowing that she is going to have to clean up a "mess" soon. She realized that, maybe, living forever with him may be fun after all. Besides, with his around, there will never be a boring day. For better or worse she was going to have as much "fun" as possible.