Days slip away
And so do my dreams of you
Ever coming back for me
You're not, are you?

The flame has long since blown out
My midnight vigil has gone in vain
Signs that I should give up hope
But my eyes are still tricked by the rain

I figured this was our final car crash
The road blurred and the engine died
Screams right next to my ear
"Not again. This has to be it."

Please let those screams be mine

No more, never again, I say
Rage moves my feet, regret fills my lungs
Press on, hope is long gone
Oblivion still isn't far away enough to run

This torch I carried for who?
I don't remember
Was the heat all because of you?
I wouldn't remember

No one wants to live a nightmare forever

I give up, I crawl out
Can I spare one last look?
Or will that be the end of me too?
After all, you started out the same way

Just a shiver that the shadows took.