Does he like me?

Does he notice me?

Am I just the girl that calls his name?

I don't think he realizes that even the mention of his name drives me crazy.

Our conversations are no more than 5 minutes long, but that's all I need to know I'm at least his friend.

I'm falling for him.

Does he realize?

Who am I to know though, I'm just a freshman with a crush on a sophomore.

The best time of the day is seeing his smile.

Does he care?

Probably not, I'm just a girl.

He doesn't really know me, no more than my name.

I'm just someone to have a simple conversation with.

I want to hang out with him.

I want to know him better.

He never talks to me first. He's probably not interested.

Am I going over board?

Am I falling to fast?

Does anyone care?

No first kiss, I'll admit it.

Haven't had any real experiences.

Has he?

Will he be my first kiss?


I'll just keep on dreaming.

Maybe he'll come one day, just not today.