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Jasper was lounging on his bed, while his best friend Kayla sat at his dresser in front of the mirror, pouting and posing, and doing god knows what to her hair, she had his Mark Hill hair straighteners in hand, meaning she was about to try and pull off some crazy hairstyle on her golden blonde locks, or as most called it "quirky".

"I honestly can't understand why you two don't kiss and make up, I mean you're twins for cripes sakes! You guys rarely fight, and when you do, you're fine after an hour or two of chilled out time apart, but it's been what? Two days now? That's gotta be a record," she decided to speak after being in silence with the brooding boy for over an hour, really it was getting tedious now, Jasper had always been stubborn but when it came to his sister that part of him would be pushed aside subconsciously. Only now… Well, now he seemed serious about not wanting to speak to River again, and it was quite unnerving to say the least.

He sighed, turning his gaze away from Kayla's deep blue inquisitive eyes and instead up toward the ceiling as he lay back against his many fluffy pillows, clasping his hands behind his head, "Well I've been pretty pissed off over the past few months, I've bottled it up and now I need to let it go, she's the closest person I can take it out on," he knew what he sounded like, but he couldn't care less in that moment. He knew that his explanation would piss Kayla off, because he knew she knew that he was not telling anywhere near the full story.

"God, you sound like such a bitch right now," she stated truthfully.

"I know, tell that to someone who cares," he drawled.

"Hey! Look here, just because you're being all prissy lately for some reason that even your BEST FRIEND doesn't know, don't take it all out on me! And you know what? Why do I not know anything? What's been going on in that gay little head of yours recently? In fact, I should be the first to know!"

As she spoke a familiar silhouette moved past the half open door, and from Kayla's position she could see it perfectly, while Jasper's eyes were still trained on the ceiling.

She stole a glance to her best friend, seeing he was pre-occupied, and put the straighteners down, she was going to drag River in here and force them to be on good terms again.

She heard River's footsteps fade away down the stairs, and decided that before she took any action, she would speak with her dear friend first.

Jasper looked up when he heard the straighteners placed back down on the dresser and saw Kayla stand up and walk out of the room giving him no explanation. Not that he needed one; he knew where she was headed.

When she reached the ground floor of the spacious house Kayla immediately continued her course to the kitchen, and her intuition being right, as always, she found the twin sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen, eating her way through a sandwich, a mug of steaming tea sat beside the plate.

Her golden brown eyes looked up at Kayla's arrival, and followed as she sat down next to her, "What you got there?" the blonde asked out of innocent curiosity, her blue eyes wide.

River finished a mouthful before speaking, "Peanut butter and nutella,"

Kayla wrinkled her nose, "Ew, peanut butter," she said in disgust; she had always hated the spread, even the smell made her gag.

The raven rolled her eyes, "Whatever, it's amazing,"

Kayla shook her head in horror, "Uh-uh! It's like one of the most minging things I have ever come across!"

"Yourself being the other one?" River joked, smiling as she did.

Kayla playfully slapped her friend's arm, sending her a glare, "Funny. Nice to see you don't lack your sense of humour," she shook her head, "Anyways! That's not what I came down here for, I want to talk to you," she spoke softer, this was a fragile subject and she wanted to go about it the right way.

River stopped mid-chew and her golden brown eyes glanced up to meet Kayla's light blue ones, she resumed her chewing, swallowing heavily, she knew this would happen, "Look, there's no point in trying to fix what's going on with Jasper and I, whatever it is that is going on with us, when he has decided to stop acting so childishly, he will come to me himself and talk to me like an adult, telling me what it is I have apparently done wrong," she stated before going back to eating her sandwich.

She knew that should be the end of it, but Kayla was not about to give up, "No, you look Riv, you know what men are like, especially your brother, he's not going to talk to you without you giving him a push,"

"Well, sorry to disappoint, but that is not going to happen, he's the one with the obvious problem, and he will see that behaving as if he is still in primary school gets him nowhere,"

Kayla sighed, knowing that River's resolve could be as strong as a stone wall when she wanted, and that was one of those times, she was not about to budge, so she decided to drop it, for now at least. Her face then brightened suddenly as a thought came to her and she smiled slyly, "So, what's this I'm hearing about you being in luurrrve? And it just so happens to be our new teacher? Miss. Bennett, isn't she called?" she glanced at River, who was taking bigger bites of her sandwich to prolong giving Kayla an answer and avoiding her inquisitive stare. This was another conversation she didn't want to have, Kayla shrugged and looked away instead focusing her insightful eyes on a bird that had landed on the bird bath in the garden, "Well, even I have to admit that you made quite a good choice there, she's hot," she may not be gay, but even she knew when someone was hot, whether they were a guy or a girl and she was always up for voicing these thoughts aloud.

Kayla waited patiently while River finished her sandwich, quicker than the raven wanted, adamant about letting the subject slide, but she was not going to give her dear friend a break with this one, oh no.

River placed the last piece of her sandwich into her mouth, regretfully, and chewed as slow as she could, making Kayla raise her perfectly shaped mouse brown eye brows and an amused smile to appear on her face.

River looked down at her empty plate with a mournful expression and, letting out a defeated sigh, she met Kayla's blue gaze and spoke, "It's nothing, I don't know why everyone is getting into such a fuss over a simple crush, it'll be gone in no time," she said waving her hand, and trying to pull off a nonchalant manner. She was trying to convince herself more than anything though, considering the fact that this "simple crush" has had in fact lasted nearly two whole months now. How long were those things supposed to last? River thought, realising she had no clue since she did not care to bother with careless things such as crushes or anything of the sort her whole school career.

"Pah-lease! Riv, you honestly know nothing at all, do you?" Kayla exclaimed, highly amused.

River's pointed stare was enough of an answer.

The blonde rolled her eyes, "Right, maybe I forgot for a second or two, apparently you do not believe in love, and you absolutely detest romance of any sort, well," she paused for effect, and then, "NEWS FLASH RIVER!" she shouted in River's face, startling her.

"This is definitely more than a crush, I've noticed how different you've been acting since the beginning of school year, and yes I am the only one, because Jazz and Mickey, being guys, well not only that, but when it comes to situations of the heart, they are completely oblivious and dense, and I know, then there's Lulu, but she's just as bad as they are seeing as she can only seem to think with her libido, so please, spare me the longing excuses, I know you don't want to admit what you're feeling, and I'm never going to force you to say it out loud, so can you at least give me some credit for that and just trust me?" Kayla finished her mini rant (yes, mini, she could go on for much longer when she wanted to) slightly breathless (seeing as she needs a good set of lungs on her for her famous "rants"), and her cheeks were tinged pink.

River was really quite amazed to say the least, "I didn't realise you would be so passionate about the subject," she said with a raised eyebrow.

Kayla gasped, "Well duh! Of course I would! Are you actually serious? Come on, you're like sexless or whatever it is they call it-"


"And yet, here you are, sitting before me, falling for someone! It's just- I mean bloody hell! You're not supposed to be a sexual being, it just doesn't feel right, you know? It's like the world has just turned topsy-turvy, next you'll be telling me Jazz isn't gay anymore, and Lulu isn't a sex-driven fiend who doesn't loved the thrill of using someone for the night and dumping them when she's finished!" River could not have put Luka's life-style in any better way.

Kayla paused after her little speech, allowing River's complex mind to mull over what she had said.

"I'm as freaked out by this as you are," was her honest response.

That made the blonde's eyebrows rise for the second time during their conversation, "Really? I mean, it must feel weird right? Because you're not used to it and all, I want you to know I'm here for you to talk to, seeing as none of the others will be of any help," Kayla spoke in softer, more understanding, tone this time, and she smiled in comfort to her friend.

River smiled back, "Thanks, that's exactly what I need if I'm perfectly honest, I know there is a small chance that this is more than a crush," at that Kayla gave her a warning look, "Okay, it is, maybe, more than a crush," Kayla just rolled her eyes at River's reluctance to admit to her true feelings, and decided to let that one slide, "But I can't act on them, I have to ignore them,"

Kayla frowned, of course, River and Miss. Bennett were student and teacher, there would no possible way, "That's so sad though, you finally feel something for someone, it's not fair!"

River chuckled, although it held no humour, "That's not even the worst of it," she replied.


"As punishment for my skipping classes this term I have to serve an hour's worth of study time two days a week after school until Miss. Peterson states otherwise, and they start tomorrow,"

"But that's not punishment, you love to study!" Kayla said, confusion lacing her voice.

River nodded, "Indeed, but I have to serve these "study sessions" with Miss. Bennett, and our damn head teacher doesn't even realise how much of a punishment that truly is, in every sense of the bloody word,"

"Oh, no,"

"Oh, yes,"

"But at least you'll have more time to admire and fantasize about her!"

"Th-That's-! You-! I-! You are not hanging out with Lulu anymore!"

That girl was such a bad influence, before she knew it Kayla's perfectly innocent mind would be perfectly defiled.


The next day rolled around far too quickly for River, and before she knew it the last bell shrilled throughout the school allowing its students to be freed of their imprisonment and the chance to go home and chill out and play on their video games. Well, that is what River would have liked to be going home to, but her punishment for truancy started today.

She packed her bag slowly, and when she finally left her biology class she decided to take her time in walking to her Chem lab, where her forbidden fruit would be waiting, she wanted to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible especially after her lesson earlier in the day.

It was highly humiliating for River, she was the brain-box of her year and knew the answer to everything, so when she had been jolted out of a rather enjoyable daydream by none other than the daydreams subject, Miss. Bennett, and asked to answer a question, River had simply blinked and looked at her teacher dumbly for a moment or two, the classes eyes on her, and then she realised, she could not answer the damn question! She had not been paying attention for the full forty-five minutes she had been sat in that lab, watching her teacher but not hearing the words escaping her mouth. She had to mumble a just about coherent, "I do not know the answer miss," and feel ashamed for the rest of the lesson!

For River that was certainly a big deal, and she did not know if she could face her teacher knowing that she had acted so unimpressively, because despite River knowing she could never act on her feelings, the fact she suddenly felt strongly for Miss. Bennett meant that she now cared about what the object of her emotions thought of her, and she wanted nothing more than to impress Miss. Bennett. She feared that that slip up had ruined all her teacher had initially thought of her, not that she actually knew what that had been anyway.

Her grip on the rucksack hanging from her left shoulder tightened as she began to feel nervous, she was so close to the room that she could see it at the end of the corridor, of course, because the science rooms had to be situated on the same corridor didn't they?

She, eventually, reached the door of her impending doom, and held out a shaky hand to open it, as her fingers brushed the door, she paused, taking a deep breath to cool her head and close her eyes for a brief second.

Then, she opened them, pushed the door open, and walked into the empty lab room.

River took a few tentative steps into the room, her golden brown eyes glancing around the room, but as previously observed, the room was completely empty, the comfy chair behind the desk was unoccupied and various text books and papers were scattered across said desk with a mug left to sit in the corner closest to River.

Shrugging it off, she took a seat at one of the rows of benches, she chose the one in the middle because it was a reasonable distance from Miss. Bennett's desk and yet it did not look like she was trying to stay as far away from her as possible, and seated herself on a high stool, taking out her books as she did.

"Ah, evening River!"

River looked up at the speaker of the soft and chirpy voice, startled by the sudden address from her teacher, who was walking into the classroom with a bright smile alight on her face and a fresh, steaming mug of coffee in hand, with some papers held in the other.

Today her blonde locks were flowing free, and it did not look it had ever seen the heat of any product with its silky shine, and natural waves and loose curls, she had some hair pulled back from her face on the left, twisted into a small braid and held with a small silver butterfly clip. She was also wearing a long, billowing gypsy-styled skirt with many colourful patterns and glittering sequins decorating the thin fabric, and a forest green cami, with many bangles and bracelets jingling on her arms. River had no idea how she could wear such an outfit with winter fast-approaching, but she assumed she either had thick coat to cover up or she was as immune to the cold as River happened to be.

"Evening, Miss. Bennett," River answered when she finally shook herself of her daze.

Miss. Bennett waved her hand as she made herself comfortable in her very comfortable looking chair, and tsked, "Oh, come, come! It's out of school hours now, you can call me Holly, dear," she said with a kind smile, placing her cup of coffee down on the desk beside her, as her soft green eyes gazed into River's own golden brown ones. Oh, and River knew it was coffee that her teacher happened to be drinking because she had overheard Miss. Bennett's, uh Holly's, conversation with another teacher once, apparently that the young teacher lived on caffeine and could not go a day without her beloved beverage.

"Oh, sure… Holly," she added the name on uncertainly, feeling odd at being given the privilege of using her teacher's name, especially while still in the school setting, of course she had been able the weekend prior, but River did not think it was something she could ever get used to.

"Great! Right, do you know what you need to get on with now, then?" she asked, as nice as ever.

River nodded, "Yes, I think I can manage,"

Holly's smile stayed fixed on her face, "Good, good then! You get going with whatever it is you will be doing, try not to be too much of a nuisance though I have important tests to mark now," she teased, narrowing her eyes playfully.

River smiled, and even gave a small chuckle, barely noticeable, unless you were paying strict attention like Holly was, but of course River would never notice someone noticing her, "I'll do my best," she replied, her smile still on her face.

Holly nodded, "I'm sure you will," her smile reappeared, but it seemed different somehow, even River noticed, there was an emotion hidden just beneath the surface, but for the life of her she could not grasp what it was. And her eyes, she felt as if those light green depths could see into her very core, and she loved it.

Before she knew it, though, the moment was over and the pair got on with their work.

As the young ravenette wrote her hand into a spasm, she found her brown eyes, more golden today than usual, glancing up to her teacher every now and then.

She did not know it, but Holly's jade green eyes were doing the same thing.

How can it go on like this? Was the thought that resonated through both of their minds that evening.

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