1st March 2012




Soul alone, to walk with God

'Tis not a simple thing

With the sorrow and the pain

The relationship can bring


There is a vale, shadowed by grief

Where He must be thy Guide

And darkest is the night that comes

With no-one at thy side


To wander in that field of woe

As tho' devoid of light

'Tis more than any test of will

Or any test of might


When spirits whisper in thy ears

And evil be their cries

When thou must run and shield thy heart

From all the Devil's lies


When thy wounded, broken soul

Is beaten to thy knees

And it seems there is no God

To answer to thy pleas


At the final midnight hour

When everything seems lost

When you've ceased to feel the pain

And ceased to feel the cost


When numbed by every loss of self

And muted by your pain

The light will come, the dawn will break

And joy will come again


For the never-ceasing tears

Will clarify thy sight

At last the bitter lesson learned

Within thy dead of night


A Truth, more radiant than the sun

To lighten then thy way

In terror then the darkness flees

Before the coming day


A Hope, more sure than solid ground

And real beneath thy feet

And thy soul, though battered, torn

Is suddenly complete


And then, at last, will you declare

I never knew my Friend

Or the simple joy and strength

That He alone can send


He had a reason for my pain

And all the sacrifice

There was treasure in the bitter cup

Irredeemable by price


He took it all away from me

That He might make it new

He took the substitute and lie

And gave me something True


More than any cost I bore

Has He become to me

For He took my bonded soul

And gave it liberty