A/N: This is a bunch of one-shots of Keel, Guardis, Jacii, and Ava's younger days. Each chappie will have a different POV. NO promises on long lengths and frequent updating.


Chapter 1:

Keel, Age 5

He gripped his mother's hand as they walked briskly across the street, the crossing guard nodding to them as they passed. Keel struggled to keep up with his mother, who was getting weird looks probably because she was really pregnant, with, what Keel had been told, his sister. He hadn't really believed his mom when she had told him. How could a baby be in his mom's stomach?

They came up to a brick building and hurried in. In the office Mrs. Johnson signed him in, apologizing that Keel was late. She then crouched down and looked him in the eyes. "Keel, this is where you are going to go every day, okay?"

He nodded. "Why?"

His mom frowned. "I have to work. It is hard enough keeping a job and homeschooling you, and Maya can't babysit you when I go now."

"Why can't Dad just take care of me?"

Mrs. Johnson sighed. "He has to work too. I'm sorry sweety." She stood back up as a college-aged student came in.

"I'm coming for the new kid?" He saw Keel and Mrs. Johnson and came over to them. "Are you the new one?" He asked Keel.

Keel shrugged. "I guess. I don't even know what this place is."

The guy grinned. "Well then, this is daycare! If you are ready to go, then we can get started!"

Keel looked back at his mother, who nodded encouragingly, and Keel went off with the over-excited man.

The daycare was really colorful, Keel decided. There were pictures and drawings everywhere, which showed a wide range of ages.

Keel's guide led him into a large room with kids around his age everywhere making a lot of messes.

Two women saw Keel and his guide and came over. The one on the left smiled. "I see we have another one! Now what is your name sonny?"

"Keel." He said, frowning. The lady was smiling like she didn't mean it.

The other woman didn't show any emotion, happy or not. Probably because she looked like she had just gotten puked on. The first lady clapped. "Keel! What an unusual name! My name is Miss Lucy and this," She gestured to the other woman. "Is Miss Tia. We are the adults here, keeping you youngsters out of trouble. We have many places you can play…"

Miss Lucy's voice trailed off as Keel ran over to play with the toy cars.

There were a few boys over by the toy cars, and Keel hesitantly went over to them, wondering what he should do.

One older boy saw him and made a face. "No newbies by the cars."

"Yeah." Another kid said. "You have to earn it."

Keel was confused. He thought he could play with anything. "Why?"

The first kid scowled. "That's just the way it is shortie. Now scram." The kid was big, and looked about 9 or 10, but Keel wasn't really afraid of him, just was really confused as to why he couldn't play with some toy cars.

"What does scram mean?"

The first kid's face went pink and he stood up, Keel backed away. "Kid, you have made me mad."

"How? I just asked a question!" He shouted defensively. Some kids stopped playing to see what was happening.

"This is my area! Got it?"

Keel nodded, backing away some more. "I got it, except for one thing; why does your feet stink so much?"

Keel thought it was a fair question. The boy wore expensive looking shoes, but when he had gotten close to Keel, Keel smelled something nasty, like feet, and wondered why.

The kid seemed confused, but when he had apparently figured out what Keel had meant by that, he rushed at him, full speed. Keel stepped calmly out of the way, and the boy went crashing into a shelf. He started crying, and Miss Lucy rushed over. "Terrence! What happened?"

Terrence pointed at Keel. "He…he pushed me!"

Keel crossed his arms. "No I didn't! He ran at me and I moved out of the way!"

Terrence was about to get up and rush him again, but Miss Lucy took both Keel and Terrence by the arms and took them over to a raised platform in the middle of the room with a couple of chairs on it. "Sit on those chairs. Don't move, talk, whisper, make hand movements, make noises, faces, anything. These are the timeout chairs."

With that she walked away.

After what seemed like hours (but was more near 5 minutes) Miss Lucy got them down and gave them a lecture on the proper way to handle situations. Keel mostly stared off into space the whole time, and when she dismissed them, Torrance went back to the cars and Keel went to the book area.

It was like a small library with chairs and carpet. Keel picked out a random picture book and sat down on a bean bag chair.

The book was about some kind of spider, which make him creeped out. He kept reading until his mother came and got him an hour later.

"So, how was your first day of daycare?" She asked.

Keel thought. "Okay I guess."

"Just okay?"

Keel nodded. "Yeah. A kid ran into a bookshelf and blamed it on me."

"Why did he blame it on you?"

"I have no idea. He wouldn't answer any questions."

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