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Chapter 3:


She kissed Guardis goodbye and went to the meeting. Drianna really did not want to go to the meeting. She knew it would take her from Guardis for years, but she had to do it. For her planet.

She got to the building and went up the elevator, stepping out at the very top.

Drianna had always been amazed and jealous of the view the president of Cahaya had from the meeting room. The windows all around showed the perfect capitol city. If she looked really hard out the south window, she could see the Masters' housing, where she and Guardis lived.

Alliyeus was sitting down at the long table on the large chair on the end, writing on a holographic tablet. She looked up when Drianna said, "Miss President."

"Ah yes, Drianna. How are you?" She asked, standing up. She waved Drianna over, and sat her on a chair on her left.

"Good." Drianna said nervously. The president's eyes bore into hers.

"I see. Have you thought about the mission I suggested?" Alliyeus asked.

Drianna cleared her throat. "Yes, I have. And I accept." She figured she sounded braver than she felt.

Alliyeus smiled her strange smile. "That's wonderful. I knew you would accept. You will be getting on the Hypership in an hour."

"An…hour?" Drianna asked numbly. "But what about…"

Alliyeus waved her hand. "What about your husband? Oh I'll tell him personally. We want you to go as soon as possible. A wormhole will be opening soon, and it will cut travel time in half! Now go with Cror, she'll get you ready."

A woman came out of the elevator, waiting for Drianna.

Drianna looked sadly out across the city and to their neighborhood. I love you. She thought out to him, and followed Cror into the elevator.


Alliyeus scowled at the elevator. Of course she wouldn't tell Guardis that she had sent Drianna away. Guardis knew the dangers of Earth, and would go and get her himself, and she needed Guardis on Cahaya. She would just have to keep him on a tight leash until Drianna came back.

Besides, the wormhole was a simple story made up to make Drianna more willing to go. Also, she had told the poor girl that she was spying on the humans because they were dangerous. Alliyeus knew nothing of the planet. All she knew that it had people with potential to resist her efforts if they were given time to advance, so they must be enslaved.

In order to do that though, she needed to know their weapons, strengths, weaknesses, everything. That's where Drianna came in.

She had worked for Alliyeus for a few years, doing odd jobs, like checking up on some of the other Cahayan people outside of the city. She trusted Alliyeus fully, and had no idea of her real plan, which was a bonus.


Cror took Drianna 12 floors down to the supplies room. Everything Drianna would need on the trip was on this floor. Right when they first came into the room, there was a small potted plant. It was completely shriveled. Drianna touched a leaf, using her power to bring the plant back to life.

After a couple of seconds the plant was bloomed beautifully, all green with bright blue and yellow blooms.

Cror looked at her curiously. "You have the gift of life."

Drianna was embarrassed. "Yes, I do."

"It is a rare gift. Not all gifts are so useful, but all important, no?"

Drianna nodded, and they got her supplies, teleported them to the ship, and then Cror lead her to the ship behind the building.


Alliyeus was at the ship waiting for her. When she had led Drianna up to Alliyeus, Cror left. Alliyeus led Drianna into the ship, which wasn't the biggest one Drianna had ever been in, but it was the most expensive, and the newest.

Drianna spun in a circle. "Wow."

"Like it? It's the newest model. Almost everything is radiation powered, except the lights. This will take you directly to the wormhole and to Earth. No driving required."

"How long will the trip take?" Drianna asked, as Alliyeus started walking towards the hatch.

" About two weeks, and you won't need to refuel. Goodbye Drianna." Alliyeus exited the ship, and the hatch closed.

Drianna went into the cockpit and stared out at the city she was about to leave.

"Lift off." The ship said, and the ship started flying away into the stars.


It had been 3 days since Drianna had lifted off from Cahaya, and she was starting to get worried. She had been supposed to go through the wormhole the day before, but she never had. The day she had lifted off, she had teleported a note to Guardis via the ship mini teleported. She hoped he would get it, especially if she was going to be stuck on the ship forever.

She finally decided she had missed the wormhole or something. The tracker system still said she was on course to Earth, so she wasn't too extremely worried.


Her two weeks were up, and she needed to get more food. She messed around with the tracker system, and managed to get it to get her to the nearest planet with life, Razic. She would have preferred to go to Calliope, but she knew she wouldn't last another week and a half.

She got more food and supplies at Razic, and continued on her journey.


The tracker system said she was about a 3 hours from Earth.

At 1 hour and 32 minutes from Earth it failed.

At 1 hour and 28 minutes from Earth Drianna noticed.

At 1 hour and 27 minutes from Earth the autopilot failed.

At 1 hour and 26 minutes from Earth Drianna started driving the ship.

At 1 hour and 15 minutes from Earth the ship shut down, the generator burning out.

At 1 hour and 14 minutes from Earth the ship lost control.

At 0 hours and 0 minutes from Earth the ship crashed.

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