Special Thanks to Yaritzah, for telling me her choice, and warning me about taking off the 'authors note' story J


A map was laid out on an old, wooden table. The leader took a long look at it, and said, "Here is the castle," pointing to a triangle in a plateau, then he pointed to a small mountain, and said, "Here we are."

The men and woman nodded.

He continued. "We do not know when we can attack the king and queen." The people looked dismayed. "However, according to our prophecies, the queen shall have a daughter. If she decides to join us, we shall train her in the arts of shape-shifting," he quickly turned into a hare and back, "and magic." he shot flame into the air.

One male called, "But what if she does not have the ability? You of all people should know, if one does not, he or she cannot do magic."

"If she does not, we are doomed." came the answer. "But you never know, the world works in mysterious ways…"