Chapter 4

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The yell echoed around the throne room, and Savannah cowered in fear.

King Bash was looking enraged, and Queen Sol was horrified.

"Our- Our reputations!" she cried.

Savannah groaned internally. That was the Queen for you. She didn't even consider the fact Leila could be hurt.

"It's fine, Sol. She could get killed on her own. She doesn't know anything about the outside world." Bash tried to comfort her.

"No!" Sol shouted. Bash flinched. Barely, but he did. Savannah suspected that he could be a just ruler if he wasn't so intimidated by Sol.

"I want a group of the best assassins sent after that girl!" Savannah didn't think Sol had said Leila's name more than twice.

Bash looked dismayed. He really did want the best for Leila.

"Yes, dear." He looked away with a sad look in his eyes.

He motioned to a guard, and he left to send the orders.

Sol looked at Savannah. "You are dismissed." she sneered. "Permanently."

Savannah blanched. "I don't- You mean I don't have a job? Your Grace?" she added.

"Well, you obviously can't even take care of a child who never leaves the room. Now, I said, you are dismissed."

Savannah practically ran out the door. She sat outside the palace gate and sobbed.

A group of men with weapons wearing black walked out of the garden.

They looked around, then ran onto throng of people.

Savannah frowned in the direction they went. Her sadness was replaced with determination and anger.

I'm going to warn her. she thought, and raced into the crowd

Leila ran away from the Golden Sun with Magnolia behind her.

Nothing very bad had happened. She had had a horrible nights sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. She just had to get away from the beer smell that was inside.

When she had run for a few minutes, she realized she needed a horse. She was already mildly panting, and she would be winded in five minutes.

That being said, er, thought, she jogged until she got to a barn which looked abandoned.

In an abandoned barn, there would obviously be no animals, but Leila was uneducated in the ways of lower class people, and looked. If the farmer was rich, which is rare, he would have left all his animals and bought new ones.

Leila looked everywhere, but only saw rats. She turned around when a bright flash blinded her for a second

A beautiful white horse (A.N: I know nothing about horses;sorry) trotted into the barn. Leila was dumbfounded. Was this a dream?

No, it wasn't, because the horse came up, and nuzzled her hand.

There were no saddles, but the horse nudged a leather piece, and Leila fastened it on the horse, and climbed on.

Magnolia perched in front of her, and the horse took off, without her guidance, in the direction she wanted to go.

What was it with her animals and their human minds?

The horse needed a name. She thought about it, but nothing seemed to fit.

Then a 'quieter' flash of light accompanied with a name came. Anika it whispered.

I'm going crazy. Leila thought, feeling faint.

Anika slowed to a trot, then stopped entirely, by a big tree.

Magnolia jumped off, and Leila followed, felling puzzled.

Magnolia knelt beside Anika, who also knelt. Then, their bodies morphed, and they became two people.

Leila screamed, stood up, then fell, as her vision left her.

"Should we wake her?" a female voice asked.

"I don't know!" another feminine voice said.

Leila groaned, then pushed herself off the ground. "I-" she cleared her throat. "I'm awake" she rasped.

Water poured into her mouth, clearing her throat. She opened her eyes.

Before her were two women, probably around Leila's age.

There was one with pale blond hair, and piercing green eyes. She looked tall and very delicate...and like her horse.

The second girl was shorter. She had thick chestnut hair, and chocolate brown eyes. "Magnolia?" Leila asked.

The girl grinned. "I knew you'd figure it out!" she exclaimed. She motioned towards the blond girl. "This is Anika."

"So my animals were people that whole time?" Leila asked. They nodded. "Seems normal."

Anika let out an un-ladylike snort. "Well, its not."

Magnolia nudged her, and face Leila again. "You already know about The Moon." It wasn't a question.

Anika continued Magnolia's sentence. "Well Maggie and I- and you- are members. All members can shape-shift and use magic. Are...are you okay?"

Leila nodded. "I guess so. It's a lot to take in. And I'm magical too?"

Magnolia laughed. "Yes, but we'll teach you how to use it on the way there. It's a long way home, so by the time we're there, you'll most likely be fully trained. The Alexander will teach you how to rule The Moon, and we'll be ready to go to war."

Leila blanched. "Alexander, ruling, war?"

Anika fidgeted. "Um, I guess there's something we forgot to tell you." Magnolia glared. "Okay, a lot of somethings. Alexander is, prince I guess. And uh... you're destined to marry him?"

"I'm what?"

Anika bit her lip. "Yeah. He's gonna teach you how to rule. And, you probably know your parents are lousy rulers. Well, they're trying to get immortality potions. Our goal is to stop that, and take away their power. To do that we need to go to war."

Leila nodded again. "That makes sense, I guess. They were never loving, so I don't feel any feelings for them."

Anika transformed into a horse again, and Magnolia a cat, and they started riding again, peacefully, until they heard a donkey braying.

Leila turned around and was surprised by what she saw.

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