i just don't understand,

how one person,

could be so angry,

at just one person


how could you think that i am untrustworthy,

i'm your own daughter,

how could you call me those,

nasty names


how could you think that i was like that?

what have i done to make you hate me so much?

i don't understand what i have to do to make you happy,

can't you just tell me?


i do everything you tell me,

and yet you're still never satisfied,

how could you hate someone so much?

what did i ever do to you?


i was just defending myself,

i am not what you said i am,

i can't believe you would treat me this way,

your own daughter


it's like i mean nothing to you,

you always have to trump me,

rule me,

treat me like a child,


when you are the child,

and i am the parent,

i have two jobs,

and you're still not satisfied


i work for you,

slave for you,

and the only repayment,

is calling me names


i cannot stand this life anymore,

you don't even understand,

you don't even care,

no one cares


i'm drowning deeper into my self-pity,

but you don't notice,

because you are drowning deeper,

into your self-loving.